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A Happy Healthy Day of Eating – The Beginning.

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Now I am sure that I am not the only person who is terribly nosey and curious about what other people eat. I personally have found it very mystifying , you meet people who profess to eating ‘tons of junk food’ yet look like they actually spend all their free time drinking water and hitting the gym, or perhaps those people who never have colds, flu, or annoying aliments – why , tell me why, let me know your healthy secrets!

Also I often get asked what do I actually eat? As I have cut out some rather large food group factors (gluten, wheat, lactose (we have a on/off relationship), refined sugar, processed food) people are often under the illusion I eat very little. Well , my increasingly healthy friends this weekly feature will debunk that for you. I am going to show you what a natural healthy life of eating looks like.  I aim to be completely honest, so if I eat an entire cake, I will tell you and you can rest assured that health can be normal, fun and easy.


8am – Lukewarm chamomile tea with a dash of organic apple cider vinegar.

After about 30 mins ( once i have staggered through the house and found my slippers and starred a while)

9 am – 500ml ish of carrot apple and ginger juice
( 5 carrots , half small apple and nub of fresh ginger in my centrifugal juicer)

After about 20 minutes interval strength training (honestly it is not that fancy in relativity and involved some dancing round to loud music)

10.15 am – 1/2 cup Kezia’s Power House Muesli – take 1.
This is a new creation that i am still perfecting (recipe will be up once it 100% yum)
But basically is walnuts, almonds, sunflower seed, coconut and dates blended  lighted into a muesli form, with the new A2 milk (it was on offer and trialing it out, see my diary post for more details)
Mug of cocoa – pure cocoa powder mixed with cinnamon made with hot water and some milk .

11.30am – 200ml of Smoothie
I made it yesterday and forgot to eat it , but it basically contains:
organic spinach, 1tsp maca powder, organic blueberries, whey, water, pumpkin seeds, carrots, cocoa powder and some left over coconut oil cookies (which were an experimental flop- hence smoothie-ing them)

2pm – Another 200ml of same smoothie as i honestly was not very hungry

walked to my favourite shop – the wholefood super market! Amazing

3.30pm Iced decaf Americano with almond milk

5.30pm – Carrot and tbsp of peanut butter!
I love this combo, but i must eat it in secret as my husband is allergic to peanuts so i have to scoff it before he returns from work!

7pm – Curry Hot Pot with Chickpeas, courgette, carrots, mushrooms, coconut cream , tomatoes and spices (chilli, cumin,ginger, fennel and cinnamon) garlic and tons of onions, tops with homemade kefir yogurt.
Munched of Coconut Cream – yes on its own – weird I know but it just remind me of fudge, but less sweet and is brilliant with my final antioxidant cup of cocoa!


Please remember that i have been on a health journey for a while and although it this may look a mile away from anything you would want to eat, thats ok, i got to this point by just listening to my body and making small sustainable changes. Also please please listen to your body, you are completely unique and need different amount/types of food to me!

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