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A Happy Healthy Day of Eating #2

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food diary2

So here you are as promised, but it does come with a bit of a warning I this week been on the SCD intro diet which is why temporarily my diet is void of most vegetable and fruits – this is a temporary measure to allow my gut to heal, but I said I would be honest and this is what I have eaten…


On waking: apple cider vinegar 1tsp in lukewarm nettle tea.

Breakfast: 3 organic eggs fried in ghee and salt(good quality sea salt never table salt) with some  tuna.

Snack: Banana milkshake – was at the Wholefood store and had to quench my thirst after a super brisk half hour walk in believe or not SUNSHINE!
Banana, soya milk (they had ran out of almond milk, soya is not a normal choice of mine) and tiny bit of honey.

Nettle tea

Lunch: Carrot soup with homemade chicken stock and a small of tuna in cold pressed olive oil.

Snack: Pro-biotic Smoothie
Approximate recipe – homemade yogurt, whey, lots of cinnamon,1 tbspn organic butter, 1.5 tsp cocoa powder, raw honey to taste (drink quickly otherwise butter reforms and makes it lumpy).

Nettle and Blueberry Ice Tea –  LOTS.
(love this stuff for taste and medicinal benefits -recipe coming soon!)

After another long cycle up and down hills (our car being broken is great for my thighs , at least 40 miles done this week pretty good for an old beloved bike which is more Mary Poppins than Tour de France)

Dinner: BBQ! Marinated some fresh chicken drumsticks in homemade yogurt and tandoori space (with no additives, sugars etc) and homemade beef burger (beef smooshed with garlic salt pepper and spices into burger shapes) and began introducing some greenery again after a few day of resting my digestive system along with a homemade pro-biotic cayenne pepper dressing.
Been hungry today so followed it with large bowl of homemade yogurt, with cinnamon and less than a tbspn of raw honey.

Done and fear not recipes will follow!

food diary long

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