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A Happy Healthy Day of Eating #3

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A day of travel, very early mornings and visiting tiny family people. When your traveling it easy to grab food on the go that is full of additives, chemicals and other nasties, but I really believe healthy happy eating is obviously about making powerful daily choices, but on those busy days it is organisation that brings your choices to life.

Early Breakfast: Yogurt (homemade) sprinkled with blueberries, dessicated coconut, tiny bit of cocoa and a dollop of cashew nut butter. (I did have a photo but to be honest it mushed together in my bag and became a tasty but aesthetically displeasing breakfast!)

Second Breakfast: 2 of my little Basic Grain Free Cookies with a flask of decaffeinated cinnamon coffee and my special lactose free creamer (recipes coming soon).

Peppermint tea

Lunch: Omelet with 2 eggs, chicken, sweetcorn and organic cheese , peas and raw carrots on the side.

Peppermint cocoa (peppermint tea with cocoa paste mixed in tiny bit of honey)HDE 3 fishcakes



Dinner: Amazing grain free fishcakes courtesy of my sister with some salad, oil and carrots.
Pudding: Then it seems I am on a roll, my sisters baking prowess must have rubbed off as  I created these coconut butter bitesCoconut Butter Bites.
Even my blokey burger and beer loving brother (in-love) said they were nice = winner.

End with stomach soothing peppermint tea…


The recipe will wing its way to you soon…


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