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And now to begin…

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The adventure begins…
This marks the start of  your journey of learning more about Super Natural Health, but first I will begin by sharing with you my story, and  explaining why oh why you should put on your cyber ears and listen in to my health ramblings!

Life began a few decades ago, in a wonderfully straight forward way. Youngest of four, with brilliant parents I am and was very blessed. However it seemed I was a rather anxious and sickly child. I remember taking banana flavoured medicine (antibiotics) on a regular basis, so much so that I had my own sweetie jar to compensate for every spoonful of gross medicine. I had unexplained tummy pain, constant tonsillitis (until they whipped them out), a bout of glandular fever and general gland problems. Then once I was a teenager came the increase of anxiety (was so glad to leave that phase) and inevitably my stomach problems increased.  As an adult came the blinding nausea, daily diarrhea,  bloating, several parasite infections from traveling (India=beauty, Delhi belly = awful), skin problems of rashes and eczema, throw  in depression, being 2 stone overweight,  an eating disorder, back pain, some unpleasant hospital procedures and it makes for a rather unhealthy history.
Thankfully though I believe we can rewrite our health history, and on this blog I will show you how I am rewriting mine…

So, did I not suddenly over night change my diet and gain perfect health? Alas no (but I do believe in miracles and see them happen) I have had more of a journey,  and am still on it, as I know I was made for an abundance of health and happiness.
Sickness and discomfort is not welcome in my body, and I dont want it to be in yours either!

Anyway, I began by losing 2 stone with my mum on a Slimming World ( a brilliant initial education to what eating healthy was, as I had no clue – we owned a deep fat fryer growing up  and I thought a Bounty chocolate bar was a healthy snack- enough said) then after being told I had IBS, at age 14,  I began to cut some food out of my diet to help with the symptoms. I began with wheat, and then diary and thus began my journey into health. It created in me a sense of empowerment that I did not have to rely on doctors (although I love them) to fight for my health, I realised I am part of the answer to my health, my choices impact my wellbeing. I gained an insatiable appetite and desire to be healthy, and by that I mean happier,  at peace, more energised, pain/discomfort free, having normal bowel movements (that is something to praise the Lord for when you have experienced the opposite), in good relationships and creating a  balanced lifestyle.

So now? Well I am happy to say I am a healthy weight, have normal bowels (most of the time), have no eczema, sleep well, am not remotely depressed, nauseous and hardly ever get colds/flu or any other minor glandular types ailments (not even mouth ulcers anymore!) Yes I have things I still want to see improve (my gut health, seasonal allergies and energy levels to name a few), as I am not in perfect health yet – but that is where I am headed because I believe in a good God who created us to be wonderfully and perfectly healthy.

So how did I get to this point? Well I have joyfully researched my ass off, read blogs, books, reports, listened to podcasts and tried out weird and wonderful things on myself. I am currently making it official by gaining my diplomas in Holistic Nutrition and Herbalism and will forever continue my pursuit of happy healthy living.

This is very much a potted history and I it has been on this journey that I learned so much but I will share more of my experiences as times goes on.

So enjoy and I look forward to hearing about you road to health recovery!


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