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A Happy Healthy Day OF Eating #5

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food diary2

Woke up and had some lukewarm Nettle ‘Iced’ Tea then a morning stroll, followed by some freshly squeeze carrot and apple juice.

 Breakfast: lots of onions cooked in ghee, 3 fried eggs and some homemade lacto-fermented onion chutney on top.

Lunch/snack thing: A Superfood Banana and Walnut Smoothie, a pints worth. Recipe coming soon.walnut smoothie end

Lots of homemade Iced Tea Cocktail as my hayfever has taken a turn for the worst (after such good progress!)

A wedge of cheese cover in my onion chutney (pre cycling in the heat snack)

ice tea -nettle web 1More Iced Tea Cocktail

Handful of cashews and mixed (no peanuts) nuts.


Dinner : A massive salad, making the most of the weather and the desire to eat salad. Included grilled mackerel, homemade beetroot coleslaw, spinach, cucumber, toasted pumpkin seed, homemade probiotic dressing, cheese, homemade  onion chutney, grilled mushroom stuffed with cheese and chutney (amazing invention) more iced tea and probably some other vegetables I have forgotten about.

To end the day I made myself a cocoa the same way I drink my coffee (see here for amazing coffee recipe) but using some sleepy time brewed tea containing oatflower and lavender mixed with a tbspn of cocoa as the liquid. 

It was a tasty day.

What are your summer go too meals? 


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