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A Happy Healthy Day of Eating #6 GAPS Intro

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This week has become a full swing GAPS themed week. In my previous post I introduced you to the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet – partly due to the fact I am doing the Intro phase again this week. So todays day of eating may look slightly more unusual then others and I would like to stress that this is not a ‘normal’ say of eating for me, nor would I recommend this to anyone as a long term dietary plan. The Intro diet is meant to be followed for a limited time only depending on the severity of your condition,  which means for me moving through all 6 stages in about 6 days (depending on what my body ‘tells’ me).

But for anyone who is thinking of doing GAPS due to long term health reasons then this will give you a glimpse into stage 2 of GAPS Intro:

Awakening: Luke warm water with Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and some ginger tea.

ginger tea#6

Supplements (not all GAPS recommended ): 6 drops of oregano oil taken orally, 100mg of Vitamin C, 1 Tbspn of turmeric (for allergies) and cod liver oil.

Breakfast: Fresh chicken stock soup made with butternut squash, onions, basil and salt and pepper, with a raw egg yolk mixed in. Homemade ginger tea. A few spoons of kefir yogurt.

Lunch: I am on a business course all week so it was Lunch on the go , which involved a flask full of the same soup as breakfast and a large tub of kefir yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon and a fizzy water.


Afternoon snack/2nd Lunch: Due to finding it hard to be bones for stock making here in Scotland and also finances i made my stock from loads of free range chicken wings (alas could find organic ones anywhere- but these are local and welfare assured) so I grilled the chicken wings (I can’t eat soggy chicken skin ) and ate them along with some freshly made clear stock with another raw egg in it.borth and sour cream

More ginger tea – I made it into ice tea  as I had a long hot cycle home!

Dinner: 2-3 chicken wings like above, more soup but this time with carrots and onions in , a raw egg yolk and some homemade sour cream. Followed by more kefir yogurt and cinnamon and a tiny bit of raw honey.

chicken wings #6

Supper: A tiny bit more soup, and yogurt

Supplements throughout day – Nettle extract (for allergies), another 100mg of Vitamin C, more turmeric and a magnesium/zinc/calcium citrate combination before bed which is really helping increase my quality of sleep.

As you can see I pretty much eat throughout the day especially as I am cycling about 12 miles a day and want to keep a stable blood sugar level. It can get repetitive but its only for a few days – but again I will say this is a limited diet (little vegetables or variety) and is not somthing I would recommend to all people to copy, only those who have understood the GAPS protocol and have long standing health issues they wish to deal with – radically! (Want to read about my own health journey? Here is my story)

What have your experiences on GAPS been? I would love to hear more about them!

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