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Its time to be honest and spill the beans.

Super Naturally Healthy is not my one and only Health and Wellbeing baby. I am currently growing another very splendid one that due date is very near (end of pregnancy euphemism – could get a bit gory). This website, filled with all its wisdom, creative hand drawn illustrations (by your truly), useful tips and general fun health giving guidance is step one in my new venture into Health and Wellbeing. I aim to impact individuals, communities and eventually this nation, through the promotion and guidance into healthier lifestyles through natural nutrition and holistic therapies . How do I hope to achieve this dream? Through providing a nutritional and well being coaching service that individuals, communities and businesses can access to increase the health and happiness of their life, community and business environments.

This new business will be set up by September and have an official launching period later on in the year – but don’t worry I will let you know all about it, as there will be lots of fun freebies, offers and parties (filled with freshly pressed juice of course)! But for now I will let you in on a sneaky collaboration I am doing with a wonderful editor/photographer friend of mine (Faith Dwight of who after recently having had her second child wanted some tips and advice on how to improve her family’s health. Thus Healthy Happy Smitten was born!

I have known Faith for years so she has seen me eat my way to health and wanted my nutritional expertise. This health plan was done mainly through emails (as we have a strong existing relationship and I have a good knowledge of her family’s needs) and Faith decided to be brave and take this health journey in public! So you will be able to read about her  journey into health and get a glimpse into the kind of bespoke health planning I intend to create for my future clients.

Please note that I will treat each client as unique, I have no set agenda or diet plan that I will enforce on anyone, but through asking questions I will create an awareness in you – the client – of what your body is already communicating to you, so that you can make powerful choices unique to you,  to tackle any health issues. I then will bring all my nutritional expertise, experience and knowledge to help shape and structure a bespoke health plan.

Anyway here is part one of Healthy Happy Smitten! Enjoy 


What do you think about Nutrition and Wellbeing coaching? Heard of it before? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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