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A Healthy Happy Day of Eating #7

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Another week and another delightful day of eating.
Eating is just so much fun isn’t it? I have never understood those rare people where food and meals are a mere practicality and unfortunate time consuming part of the day. My meals provide little moments of delight which happen 3 times a day – what is not to love? 
Also, I am so fortunate to be able to have a diverse choice of food available to me. I have access to abundant vegetable and fruits, meats, cheese, nuts and seeds and loads of other stuff which I remember and am so thankful for every time I write a days eating.  We have access to the healthiest food on the planet and the freedom to choose them – that is something to be grateful for is it not:).
Why don’t we all today really make sure we are to be thankful for the food we eat by making sure we really enjoy it and are mindful of what it is? Gratitude is an awesome thing and will make you happier and healthier than any goji berry will for sure.


But poetic food rant over here is a day of eating.

Waking: Lots of lukewarm water and raw apple cider vinegar.

Breakfast: 2 organic eggs, fried with onions and mushrooms with sauerkraut.

I had eaten half of it before I took a photo..

I had eaten half of it before I took a photo..

Black tea.

Lunch: I fancied a smoothie so I had over a litre  filled with kefir, spinach, romaine lettuce, sesame seeds, chia seeds, a ripe banana, 1/2 and avocado, some lemon juice, cinnamon and water – it was good. I love doing this on the days when I cant be bother to munch my way through a massive salad – smoothies are a lazy (wo)mans salad…

The shove everything in it green smoothie!

The shove everything in it green smoothie!

Munched on some whole almonds later on with a Rooibos Latte of course.

Caffeine free and not a milk carton in sight!

Caffeine free and not a milk carton in sight!

Then my wonderful husband made some organic mince chilli with veg in and (accidentally) tons of cayenne pepper! Which I had to drown in homemade yogurt and ate with mashed butternut squash and avocado slices – still tasty though.

Then with a fennel and chicory tea I popped a Soured Chocolate Cupcake out of the freezer and chomped through whilst it was still frozen…

Soured Chocolate cupcake1

Click here for the recipe.


So there you have it – what will you be filling your bellies with tonight? 

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