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A Happy Healthy Day of Eating #8

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Another day and another 3 meals (plus lots of grazing). Yesterday was filled with experiments going slightly wrong, peppermint warmer drink – tasted like coconut and butter, and my bread/cake things was not cooked for long enough so left for a rather soggy but tasty lunch. Alas it is the cycle of creative practice it seems, you win some you loose some.

This day of eating is still very much in line with  GAPS, SCD and grain free eating. ( Not sure why anyone would choose not to eat grains? Well here is my story.) I have been following GAPS for about 8 months now after many trips to doctors and hospital tests only for them to say that I had IBS and just take some drugs to help. Mmm no thanks, God did not create my body to be in pain and from past experience drugs made things worse, not better. So my natural journey began and to this day I just LOVE eating natural and healthy, it is a big passion of mine to see people free to be healthy and happy, and I believe nutrition has a large role to play in achieving this.

Also please note that I actually enjoy this way of eating, have learnt what works for my body and am in a period of eating to heal. So don’t fear if you sign up for a coaching session with me you won’t suddenly have to start eating exactly as I do:) You are totally unique and your body will need different things. If quantities are not specified just assume it is a lot – I tend to eat large portions unless I am unwell.

Anyway  yesterday eating…

Waking: 2 lukewarm glasses of filtered water with Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Juice: Freshly juice lemon, 1 carrot, lettuce, 1/2 cucumber,1/4 fennel, some ginger, celery – it was an adequate juice but despite my greatest efforts I really don’t like celery in my juice – oh well.

Breakfast: Big bowl of homemade kefir with blueberries and maca powder (I will be doing a Herbal Devotion on maca powder at the end of the week – so fear not).

Kefir, blueberries, and maca powder.

Kefir, blueberries, and maca powder.

Lunch: Slices of a new experient bread/cake made from butternut squash and carrot with spices and garlic in, needs to be perfected (or just cooked longer) before sharing its  recipe. Along with some cheese and spinach.

Experimental baking = if unsure always top with cheese - makes everything taste good.

Experimental baking = if unsure always top with cheese – makes everything taste good.

Ginger Tea

Experimental Peppermint Warmer drink – but it wasn’t great:( With some cream of coconut cut into chunks – its like fudge but without any sickly sweetness.

More water with ACV.

Dinner: Stir Fry with every vegetable I could find, with a ginger, cayenne and garlic sauce, almonds, cashews and some left over tuna. It was one heaped bowl full!

Stir Fry!

Stir Fry – after I had eaten well over half!

Followed by more kefir topped with cocoa powder, maca powder and chia seeds – yum.

Kefir, cocoa powder, maca powder and chia seeds!

Kefir, cocoa powder, maca powder and chia seeds!

All topped of with some of The Mindy Project! Brilliant.


How was yours?

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