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A Happy Healthy Day of Eating #9


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Yesterday was a full day of running (well cycling round) around and time flying by. Lunch was very late but thankfully my trusty box of nuts keep me going for a long time!

We are buying our first flat and we move in this Friday – so life is a bit manic but very very exciting. Don’t worry I will let you have a sneaky peek into the home of Super Naturally Healthy as soon as I am in and introduce the new home segment of this website – ohh intriguing no?

On Waking: Water and lukewarm water with Apple Cider Vinegar in it

Breakfast: 3 organic eggs fried in butter with lots of sauerkraut

Snacks: – cashews

Lunch: Cooked broccoli and grated organic cheese with 2 chicken wings.


 Followed by my latest obsession which is my version of chocolate milk – meaning kefir, coconut cream, chia seeds, maca powder and raw honey all whooshed up in a blender – so good. I drank this far to fast- not recommended… (see recipe here)

mmm Chocolate 'milk'
mmm Chocolate ‘milk’

Dinner: GAPS friendly cottage pie, with organic mince and butternut squash topping , served with peas – comforting and filling stuff! 

Cottage Pie GAPS style!

Snack: Well it the Great British Bake Off tonight so obviously I had to munch on some cake, so I thankfully had some of these Chocolate and Orange Cakes in the freezer as it had been a busy day and no time for baking! Followed with lots of cups of raspberry leaf tea which is I had I had never tried before but immediately loved!

The cupcake version - cute!
Chocolate and Orange Cake

 What have you been eating? I am a nosey sod so feel free to share!

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