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A Happy Healthy Day of Eating #10

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Now after a weekend of meals out and lots of luxurious sweet things  like homemade brownies, my soured chocolate cake topped with soured cream and blueberries, wine and a  sneaky champagne cocktail thrown in somewhere , I realised I needed to be a bit kind to my body this week. Healthy treats are good for the soul and body as long as they don’t become life long and daily habits, but as I celebrated by first wedding anniversary this weekend and a best friends birthday, the treat was definitely appropriate. So you will be glad (or sad) to hear that champagne cocktails haven’t made it onto my normal days of eating. 

So today meets bare cupboards and empty pockets, so I have just been using up whats left until our shop arrives (I love online shopping!).

Waking: Lukewarm water and lemon.

Kefir and plum compote with ground linseeds.

Kefir and plum compote with ground linseeds.

Breakfast: Not enough veg for juice today so straight into breakfast which was a big bowl of kefir yogurt, plum compote (plums and honey cooked for a while with slices of ginger in) and ground linseeds. Linseeds are full of omega 3 fats and vitamin b which is good for a morning boost. I follow it with a multi vitamin (I use the one selected on my amazon side bar).

Egg white scrambled with cheese and veg.

Egg white scrambled with cheese and veg.

Lunch: I had tons of egg white left from my Custard Cups last week so I made scrambled egg white with spinach and basil with cheddar cheese and some carrot slices.

Afternoon snack: A pint of pecan , banana, spinach , whey and kefir smoothie – YUM!

Pecan, spinach, kefir and banana smoothie

Pecan, spinach, kefir and banana smoothie

Dinner: Lentil chilli with sparse bits of mince in it! Served on spinach and kefir. Followed by one of my brownies!

The final brownie!

Kezia’s Brownies

Drinks: Fennel and liquorice through the day as it getting cold now and I need hot drinks on tap!


So that is all wonderful people. What does your day of eating look like? I would love to know:)

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