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A Happy Healthy Day of Eating #12


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Here is another day of eating, will the days getting colder and my body in need of a holiday  my eating has been a little off recently – far too many baked goodies heading into my mouth than normal, but thankfully I am on holiday next week so I can rest, run, walk and sleep and completely recharge.

Also I am finding that I am baking so much and having so much healthy baking inspiration that I need to find so willing tasters to eat them all – good way to make friends with the neighbours perhaps (except when its courgette scone gone horribly wrong and they look like brains – maybe not a great first impression!)

If you want to look at all the previous days of eating , just click here as they may provide some meal plan inspiration? As I definitely experience that meal plan mind block where I literally cant think of anything exciting to eat other than stir fry or cake. so although I will be giving you some more formal meal plan resource soon, for now use these for inspiration.

Waking: Lukewarm water and Apple Cider Vinegar – the raw stuff.

Juice – carrots , romaine lettuce and lemon whilst I was busting my ass at Jillian Michael’s Get Ripped dvd (I am not ripped but am definitely getting fitter and I just mute her! )

Breakfast: 2 fried eggs in ghee and lots of Sauerkraut 

A pint of Detox herbal tea

Snack/2nd Breakfast: Half a Cinnamon Breakfast Bun – I had to check they were good enough to post you see…


Lunch: On the run so I managed to grab a GAPS friendly salad from M+S! Prawn and citrus salad – tasty.

Good old M+S!

Good old M+S!

Afternoon snack: Although lunch was tasty wasn’t very filling so I polished off some of my Brownies with some kefir yogurt. More detox tea.

The final brownie!

Plus kefir.

Dinner: I had a coaching session at 6pm so tea ended up being rather late, so pre dinner snacks were homemade guacamole, carrot sticks and a slice of cheese. Followed by a massive ( too big –  felt so full) of homemade moussaka, without potatoes and just loads of aubergine. No picture of this as I served it in a heap and was too hungry to photograph it. I will leave it to you imagination.

The end.



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