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Herbal Devotion: 10 Natural Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

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herbal devotion illustration copyWant a cheap herbal supplement that can boost your circulation, immunity and metabolism, that is easy to get hold of and tasty to eat? Say hello to

 Cayenne Pepper.

I have bee using it for a wee while now after reading about it amazing benefits and the fact its so easy to get hold of and cheap to consume. My circulation is pretty poor so I am using it to treat that and generally give my body a spicy, naturally healthy, boost!

It is a ancient remedy for lots of different aliments and has been a round for a long time but  we often forget as the simple things don’t we?


  1. It is a stimulant so is said to help boost circulation.
  2. As a stimulant it causes the to be produced int he body, helping boost metabolism.
  3. It is also said to cause a pain response , therefore good to take when suffering from migraines etc.
  4. It is great for detoxing as it helps the body eliminate swear and heat
  5. It contains many vitamins but mainly Vitamin A ( used for skin, eyes, prevent infections/cancers/pollution damage) and C (immunity).
  6. May help you lose weight – read here for more info. Its not a miracle ‘cure’ but may give a boost.
  7. Helps the digestion. As it is a stimulant it helps stimulate the enzyme within the digestive system and the peristaltic motion (the contractions of the intestine to move  the chyme -food- down intestines)
  8. Due to above it helps relieve any unwanted gas. Got a farting partner? Why not sprinkle some in there porridge!
  9. It helps with congestion. Got a block nose or cold? Why not add a pinch or two into a mug of warm water honey and lemon to breathe easier. 
  10. Anti inflammatory. It contains capsaicin which inhibits the bodies inflammatory reactions. So make sure you use it if you suffer from arthritis , psoriasis, eczema or any other inflammatory condition.

How to take it?

I personally just use it lots in cooking – stir fries, curries etc. I also use it in my Hot Chocolate Mix  ( a recipe coming soon!) for an enjoyable and fiery hot chocolate. You can also take supplements of it if you hate the taste or spiciness. As will all supplements I recommend you take them for a short period only (1 month) and take note of how you are feeling. Never contradict medical advice. 

Here is a complete nutritional profile for Cayenne.

So why not add a bit of spice to you life and it will do your body so much good. 

What spicy foods do you LOVE? Any interesting tips for taking cayenne?


Staying Healthy with Nutrition, Elson M, Haas


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