10 Tops Tips on Staying Healthy when Traveling

Apr 13, 2014 | Nutrition

imageHappy Sunday! Not often that I blog on a weekend but after an upside down week I have finally found my bearings. I have been mainly confused by the time difference, as I am awake when all of the UK is asleep and this sort of thing always confuses me. But I wanted to share with you a few of this week’s highlights and a few top tips for staying healthy for any of you going abroad this Easter holidays.

Despite still not feeling great (I am still coughing like a 90 year old who has smoked for their whole life!) it has been a fun few days. I love big cities, gazing at the architecture, the people and sampling new food. Big cities can also be a tad overwhelming for all of the above reasons too. Feeling lost and small in a big place is always an option. But as with most things it all comes down to perspective and I am choosing to focus on the fact that this is a dream come true despite the old-age cough and need for frequent naps! So here are some of my photo highlights from the past 2-3 days (click to enlarge).


Travelling can be hard on your health, especially if you are needing to eat out a lot and have to deal with a confused body clock and weird sleeping. So here are some of my top tips of keeping your body healthy and thriving whilst abroad:
  1. Rest well. I have the tendency to go a bit mad when in new places, a bit military schedule-ish, which means you see a lot but often aren’t that rested or chilled. I have learnt to rest and just be in a place when travelling, to read, to people-watch and to do what brings rest. To do and see less but really savour each moment.
  2. Find great snacks. Things like fruit, nuts and health bars tend to be easy to come by in most places (except maybe health bars, places like India and Africa don’t have an abundance of them!). Having some tasty snacks to hand means that when you are hungry you have something to hand and can happily pass that crepery/hot dog/noodle/pizza stand on the street (unless you really want a treat of course!). 
  3. Don’t use travelling as an excuse. There is normally always a healthy option at restaurant or shops, things like fish, salad, vegi option etc. You always have a choice about where you go and what you eat. Your food choices are powerful both at home and abroad 🙂
  4. Steak and fish. These are my go-to dishes as I am currently not eating grains. Even the cheapest of restaurants will have some sort of steak or fish option and side salads or veg dishes. 
  5. Don’t freak out. Maybe this piece of advice is just for me, but for some of you there may be the  tendency to worry about everything you’re eating and the best thing to do is chill out. Yes I make sure I eat things my body likes but I tell that neurotic voice in my head to shush and decide to be at peace with my plate. I always strive to eat at restaurants that serves organic meat but am I going to freak out if for one night we eat at TGI Fridays? No, because being healthy is about balance and while I am all about communicating your need and value of healthy food I am also not for driving your partner/family/friends utterly insane with your neurotic food preferences.
  6. Walk or swim. If your are sightseeing then you can walk your butt into shape and if you are beaching/pooling it up then swim your way healthy. My legs have ached after all the walking and cycling we have been doing, plus things like taking stairs and doing some push ups when I can. Moving gives you so much energy and ward away any holiday beached-whale feelings!
  7. Try new foods. Variety in our diets if so important so take the chance to try new fruits, veg or meats. Last night I had some organic Elk for the first time and tried Orka crisps – so be a bit adventurous, say no to the pizza and try something new!
  8. Be kind. And finally on holiday you will want to indulge and enjoy some treats and the key here to do exactly that – enjoy. Don’t go wild or binge but really enjoy some of your favourite treats. For me this holiday that meant a fresh ginger cocktail when I arrived, some decaf latte, sweet potato chips and a delicious peanut butter milkshake for pudding last night ! Balance it with loads of fruit, vegetables, salads, swims and walks/runs and ditch any guilt driven thoughts and just be kind to yourself.
  9. STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS. Whether on a beach, in a clothes shop or in a cafe people-watching it is so easy to compare ourselves to other women. Am I thinner, fatter, more pretty, better dressed, fitter, eating healthier…? Comparison robs us of joy do lets stop doing it.
  10. Have Fun! 
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