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A Healthy Happy Day of Eating #18 & Community Love


day of eating

Today I am sharing with you a day of holiday eats but before I do I wanted to chat a wee bit about an essential element to healthy living.

Having other healthy mates. In fact being in a community of healthy peeps is pretty darn important in getting super naturally healthy.

Pursuing super natural health is one of the best things you can ever do but it is hard, so having good people around you that are super duperly ( yep i totally made up that word) encouraging is important.

That is why this blog exists . My aim is to encourage, inspire and equip you to be as wonderfully healthy as you can be. Some of you will have people around you that know the difference between a chia seed and a linseed but others of you will just receive blank looks from your friends when you say you’ve made brownies with butternut squash. Don’t worry I have been there.
It has taken my family about five years to get used to my way of eating and stop calling it bird food. For ages they just thought it was weird but over time as I have gotten healthier and happier and they too have experienced the benefits of natural holistic nutrition ( like no more rosacea and weight loss,) they are my biggest supporters and will happily ensure meals are ‘kez friendly’ .
Lots of you will be were I was ten years ago, receiving blank stares, judgement of ‘hippy food’ or faddy diets, and the awkward attempts of telling your friends that you won’t have there special pasta bake dish. So my advice to you is keep reading , sign up for my newsletter, like my Facebook page and follow me on social media, not because I have an ego that needs attention but because I know that if your seriously want to transform your health you need massive daily doses of inspiration.

This is why I do posts like a healthy happy day of eating. It’s is not a guilty confession or excuse to boast about my perfect healthy life (as if! My butt would definitely be smaller if I always ate ‘perfectly’ and thankfully I like big butts!) but to invite you into my world, inspire your food choices, and help you know that you are never alone on your journey to natural, crazy, awesome and world changing health . ( You guys also help inspire and encourage me, you are a bunch of courageous souls! )

So here is a day of holiday eating from last week – a brilliant day with lots of treats disorganisation and fun !
Waking: lots of water And a probiotic
Breakfast: I have mainly even having green smoothies for breakfast but we went out for a treat and I had a avo, feta and tomato omelette with freshly squeezed orange juice and a decaf latte. So good!


Half hour walk on  beach to help with the full feeling !

Lunch : we were busy adventuring so didn’t really have a proper lunch just awesome snacks!
Fresh carrot, apple and ginger juice and a raw cacao bar which was delicious !


Lots of water
Mini hike and walk for hour or so.
Then totally starving so had some full fat farm fresh yogurt with one of these bars in it – was aiming for a salad but this was the only thing I could have and it tasted yum !


Walked around shop trying in clothes – surely that’s exercise??:)

Dinner: The best fillet steak I have ever had with spinach and butternut. Along with a green salad as I really missed eating veg by the end of the day!
Followed by a decaf coffee and cream ( oh yes!) and two truffles ( which I didn’t actually enjoy – far too sweet – lesson learned). This meal was a big treat and a mini celebration/thank you with my brother and sister (in love) as he got great feedback from his masters and they hosted us in Cape Town wonderfully .

A normal day of eating? No but a totally awesome one, full of treats and what holiday is all about:)

What have you been eating? Any current food obsessions?


Laura Agar Wilson (@lauraagarwilson)

sounds like an awesome day of food! The raw cacao bar sounds lovely 🙂

Super Naturally Healthy

it was so good and had a super food called foji which i had never heard of and i think is unique to South Africa – always learning:)

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