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Homemade Hemp Milk

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hemp milkToday’s little post is too let you know  about a new, super quick and easy recipe for a non dairy milk.

Eating dairy is a bit of a contentious topic, so if you haven’t read my should you be eating dairy blog or read about the dangers of soya alternatives then I suggest you grab a cuppa and check them out.
I have become a massive fan of my homemade almond milk, which I make most weeks and use it in smoothies, tea and hot chocolates, but I recently discovered an even easier dairy free, homemade milk – Hemp Milk!
Now why is this so easy? You simply blend and then pour! With my almond milk its best if you strain it through a nut bag or muslin cloth but with hemp milk I don’t bother which saves me about a 1 minute (which I use staring into space…!)

Why is it good for you?

1. It is a natural and easily digested protein – did you know 3 Tablespoons of Hemp Seeds = 11 grams of protein?
2. Hemp seeds contains healthy balance of anti-inflammatory omegas 3 and 6. In addition, hemp seeds contain an especially beneficial type of omega-6 fat called GLA (gamma linolenic acid). GLA is a direct building block of good anti-inflammatory hormones so it is perfect for health conditions like arthritis, asthma, skin conditions and more.
Here is some more geeky knowledge about GLA and Omegas for all you food geeks out there:
Unfortunately, this special omega-6 fat is not typically found in foods (in fact I think hemp seeds are the only edible food source of GLA.) While it’s true your body can convert the typical food version of unprocessed omega-6 called linoleic acid (LA) into the “useable” GLA form your body needs, the conversion process can be thwarted by many internal and external factors. For example, with the passing of birthdays, the less efficient the enzymes your body uses to convert LA into GLA become. Chronic health conditions such as diabetes, infections, and even stress can reduce your body’s ability to convert dietary LA into GLA. This is a bad deal because GLA is very important for achieving optimal health. But simply by incorporating hemp seeds into your diet on a regular basis you can be sure of getting a healthy dose of GLA. Here’s a short run down of the health benefits of GLA:
• GLA supports a healthy metabolism and facilitates fat burning (some people who struggle with weight loss despite eating a healthy diet get a weight loss boost simply by adding GLA to their diets.)
• GLA can help reduce hormone-mediated nuisance symptoms (bye-bye PMS!)
• GLA supports healthy hair, nail and skin health.
• GLA decreases the tendency of inflammation in general. This can be helpful to anyone with an inflammatory condition such as asthma, MS, fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc
• GLA helps lower bad LDL cholesterol and improve cholesterol ratio
3. Hemp seeds are loaded in plant-based phytonutrients and anti-aging antioxidants such as vitamin E. Whoopee!
4. Hemp is jam packed with minerals like zinc, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and iron.

So if you can’t get hold or organic raw milk, or like me don’t feel great drinking cows milk then grab yourself some hemp heart seeds and get a milk making!

Homemade Hemp Milk
Yields 500
Tasty and super simple dairy free, vegan milk!
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  1. 500ml water
  2. 3 tbsp hemp heart seed
  3. Pinch of salt
  4. 2-3 drops stevia or 1tsp raw honey
  5. 1.2 tsp vanilla essence
  1. Blend until creamy and smooth (about 2 mins) then pour and enjoy!
  1. Shake before use as it may settle. Will last for about 3-4 days in the fridge.
Kezia Hall | Holistic Nutritionist
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Whats your favourite milk alternative? Tried making your own milk yet?

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Laura Agar Wilson (@lauraagarwilson)

I used to make this ages ago and considering I have a big box of the stuff that needs using up I may just have to!

Super Naturally Healthy

I got a load in New York for cheap so that’s what spurred me on!


would love to try this…where do you buy the hemp seed and almonds ( budget )

Super Naturally Healthy

I buy bags of almonds from the Asian aisle at supermarkets or in local Asian shops and I got my first batch of hemp seeds when abroad as they were cheaper but now just good old amazon. Thankfully you only use a few tbsp at a time so they last a while.


thanks kezia, will give it a go 🙂

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