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One Womans Journey into Organic & Natural Living (Plus an Organic Candle & Soap Giveaway!)

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Processed with VSCOcam with m3 presetI love a good story.
My favourite time growing up was bedtime story time as my Mum is the BEST (sorry she just is) at telling stories whilst keeping up with all the right accents of characters.

So as its Friday and its the end of my Birthday Giveaway month I thought another giveaway and a wee story would do the job after all the birthday celebrations over the past few weeks. 
(We have had such fun have we not? With raw blondie recipes, peanut butter cup recipe, free supplements, free chocolate and health coaching discounts – phew I think that this is a birthday well celebrated!!)

Often the whole idea of going organic or switching to natural food/beauty/cleaning products can just seem overwhelming and we get a bit stuck. One of the things I find most helpful when I fell like this to to read about other people journeys. How have they changed there diet and lifestyle, how have they started to incorporate a more natural approach to life.  So today we have Nathalie here to share with you her journey into getting (as I would call it) Super Naturally Healthy

(Plus we want to give you an awesome organic candle and soap gift bundle for FREE – just scroll down to find out how to enter!)

I met with Kezia through skype a few months ago when our business Nathalie Bond Organics ( was newly launched. Following our virtual natter, Kezia asked me to write about my journey into using natural beauty products, and why I am passionate about it? I said yes straight away, but am now sat here thinking ‘where do I start’?
So in the words of Miranda’s friend Tilly ‘bare with.’ ;0)


My journey into natural products started when I became pregnant with our first baby – Alfie (cute baby in picture above), which is relatively recent. During pregnancy I became very sensitive to synthetic fragrances which marked the beginning of the process of reducing chemicals in mine and Andy’s daily routine. I began discovering that most of my favourite scented candles and body and beauty products were filled with synthetic chemicals that are absorbed into our skin. Not ideal. So I got rid of products containing chemicals such as sodium laureth sulfate, parabens and mineral oils because they are just not necessary when there are so many wonderfully natural ingredients available.
However, getting rid of all the products then left me a little stuck as to what else to use. So Andy (my husband and business partner) and I decided to start making our first candles and blocks of soap in our kitchen just using the finest natural ingredients and we didn’t look back.
After many months we’re still committed to minimising the chemicals we use and we’ve learned that there are many others who share our desire for natural and healthy home, bath and body products that are truly effective, luxurious and affordable. My latest personal project has been to find a natural method to shampoo my hair, so I have been following the ‘no poo’ method with coconut oil and argon oil, and like Kezia’s experience some days my hair has looked a million dollars and some days it has been diar (read more about Kezia’s hair experience here and here). But I just love knowing that I can find natural ways of pampering myself and our home and am now very much hooked into doing so. And even more so when reading reports about how pesticides are being linked to mass bee death, and further studies are showing links between autism and pesticide exposure.

I feel Einstein sums it up nicely:

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better“

Love this – thanks Nathalie. Nature totally does know best.
Now to round up my birthday celebration with a beautiful and luxurious BANG – we are giving away an 100% Natural and Organic Candle (fragrance your choice) AND  a beautiful soap of you choice. I have used both of these products and totally love them (Feel free to buy these for me anytime). You feel so pampered by them even when your just opening the beautiful packaging never mind when your in the shower! So you are going to want to get you hands on these beauties.


Get your mits on one of these for free!!

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Just read this post and its great but I’m not sure if the offer still stands as its,2015 now!! Jan


Alas no – it was giveaway from last year:) But glad you like it!


I would love to make a natural makeup remover/facial cleanser that works and doesn’t leave my skin too dry..


My hands were terribly dry and cracked and the dermatologist said I should avoid liquid soaps as the preservatives re not good for the skin

Beth Bradnum

Ooooooh me toi for thé no poo thing! Iv considered it many times but not been brave enough!

Kathryn MacNeill

I absolutely love the idea of moving to natural products for cleaning my hair – the ‘no poo’ method – but I’m a bit nervous about the bad hair days! Working in an office environment I think I’ll need to come up with some creative ways to cover it up when it’s not looking so good, as I think the end result will be worth it.

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