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Natural Make Up – Is It Any Good? #1 Mascara

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natural beautyI am a big fan of make up. I blame the artist in me as I so often see it as a case of canvas (face) and paint brush (lippy/mascara) and love having fun with it.

So I have wanted to write about make up for a while as it is another area in my life that is slowly getting a super naturally healthy overhaul!

The thing about make up though is that I am super fussy. I don’t want crappy hippy make up that doesn’t actually work. I want make up that will wonderfully enhance all the goodness that is naturally there and help me look a bit more alive on days when I don’t look it at all! So I have approached this whole area of transition with a lot more skepticism. Pondering the question can I really have completely natural make up that works?

But first –  why bother?

Well friends, you may have already heard me rant about this, but your skin is like a super absorbent piece of kitchen paper, as in it absorbs lots of stuff.

Everything you put on your skin gets absorbed into your blood stream in some way (like food). Now do you know that make up has absolutely tons of toxic, poisonous junk in it because its is only something we put on our skin not in our mouths? But if we absorb anything we put on our skin into our blood stream (like we do food) shouldnt we avoid toxins and poisons like we would in our food?

My answer is no, so I have begun this transition with the most vital part of my make up bag  – mascara.
I love mascara. If I could only wear one item of make up this would be it. So when I bought Lavera’s (latin for ‘the truth’) mascara a few months  ago I was ready to be let down and to switch back to my Loreal millionaire mascara (old favourite) .

023image source

But first what are the dangers of mascara? Its doesn’t actually go ‘on ‘ your skin after all surely???

I will let a fellow blogger explain it more for you,

Toxic ingredients such as Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, and Propylparaben can cause allergic reactions and have been linked to skin rashes such as contact dermatitis. In addition, parabens are known as endocrine disruptors because they resemble human estrogen and can easily penetrate the skin, our largest organ. These chemicals are absorbed directly into the body via the tiny pores around the eyes and enter into the bloodstream where they mingle with your hormones and can cause problems. source

Mmm, not exactly nice. 


Left eye with double coat on and right eye with single coat

So my thoughts on hippy/natural Mascara?
I am in love with this product. I love the double application as it means I can go big and dramatic for film or photos or calm and awake looking for normal days. It is not water proof but will only run when wet if it is rubbed (for example I cycled in the torrential rain of Glasgow and did not look like a panda) plus it was not extortionate in price.
I would totally recommend it.
Plus Love Lula where I originally bought it from (but are currently out of stock – saddness!) who are wonderful sponsors in side bar sell loads of amazing natural looking products, I would totally recommend them for natural and organic skin care and make up*. I love nosing round their site as they have stuff to fit a variety of budgets.
It is also available from amazon at a bargain price, so I may stock up while its cheap.

Do you have any make up recommendation? Tried any natural stuff that works? Then let me know!

*this is not a sponsored post I just wanted to tell you about a a great product I bought. The amazon and love lula links are affiliates links so that means you are helping the world get super naturally healthy! Thank you!


Caroline Noble

I am now in the process of changing my cosmetics and skin products to more natural products, this may take a LOOOONG time with makeup as I don’t wear it all that often but have a ton of eyeshadow pallettes, mainly cheap ones from MUA. But I am making a step in the right direction.

I already sign up to Love Lula’s beauty box along with Souk Souk which is also a great help.


PS I’m a newbie to your blog, it’s so nice to finally find a natural cosmetics/Skin care blog which is British. Nothing against Americans, it’s just easier if I am able to find the same products in the same country, if you see what I mean.

Super Naturally Healthy

I know what you mean! I am a fan of lots of American blogs but it often doesn’t translate!
I am also a big lovelula fan – been trying some light foundation too and concealer – my next make up biggie so I will blog again once I have found something that meets my standard!

Lori and Michelle (@purelytwins)

we are also interested in learning more about natural makeups. we use some natural and not so natural products.

Super Naturally Healthy

I know it takes a while to transition. I hate using chemical but i also hate waste so its taking me a while to use up old stuff and replace with decent new alternatives! We will get there eventually!

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