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Why Salt is Good for You

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The more I look into hormone health the more I realised that it is connected to pretty much everything. So today I am going to share with you more about salt, why I am in no way salt phobic but use it liberally in all my homemade foods and why its a  key part of my journey to happy hormones.

Grab yourself a  cuppa and click play.

(Please note I am not a medical profession but come at this from a holistic nutritional view point please discuss any changes with your doctor. I am also no scientist and bad at reading so probably pronounce many of the words very wrong (apologise to all scientists) but hopefully you will get the gist!)

Here is a quick snap shot of what I say in the video so why not post it on facebook or pinterest so you and all your buddies can be super naturally salty  together!

salt good for you

 Do you add salt to your food? Or are your strictly no sodium ? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Its like fat, really good in its healthy form, in moderation. Too much or too little has huge adverse health affects. Kezia, I’m interested in where you look for your research? Having it in moderation has huge benefits, it also is key in your nervous system and muscle contraction processes! (Sorry, sport scientist – had to mention!)

Super Naturally Healthy

Most of my sources are linked in the post at the bottom – but I am no scientist so your input is welcome:) it’s def all about moderation, even bananas can be harmful if eaten in excess! Plus totally didn’t know about muscle contraction although that makes perfect sense – thanks for the input.

Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy

I hate hearing people say they are totally cutting out salt. Some salt is so important.

Super Naturally Healthy

I used to be like that but now I make sure I eat a healthy amount and it’s making a big difference , plus food taste so much better with a bit of salt:)

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