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The G-Free Challenge: Your Free 14 Day Challenge to Super Natural Health

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GF challenge


Well do I have a treat in store for you this August! Many of you will already have been told the secret (i tell my subscribers secret things in my emails, if you want in, sign up here) but I am running a new super naturally healthy challenge! 

Remember the Green Smoothie Challenge a ran a few months back? Well this is of a similar ilk but will be about focusing on all the amazing foods out there that dont contain gluten or grains. The idea is that for 14 days you decide whether you want to ditch just gluten from your diet or go the whole hog and ditch grains too.

You see the thing is, I can rabbit on about how not eating gluten will do you good but until you experiment and try it out for yourself my words will wash you by. The aim of this challenge is, in a fun and supported way, to spend 14 days trialing it out. Maybe you will feel tons better, be less bloated, more energised and lose a bit of weight? Maybe certain symptoms will reduce or disappear and you mood generally improve? Or maybe you will dream about bread for 14 nights in a row and curse my name in the mornings….


Glad you asked!

In my own journey of losing weight, overcoming chronic diahorria, bloating, pain and IBS going gluten and then grain free has been integral. You can read more about my journey here.

You can read more about what gluten is in my gluten free series here, but basically I believe most people would be healthier, have better immunity, be slimmer and have improved mood by ditching gluten. Why? There are many reasons for this, including lots of science, but the biggest and most simple is that gluten is mostly eaten and found in heavily processed foods. Shop bought breads, pasta, cakes, biscuits, sauces, condiments etc. When you strip away the processed junk you will find health. Simple.

I am confused, ‘gluten or grain free’ what do you mean?

Well before we address this important question there is one KEY thing to point out about this challenge.

This, and nothing I ever do, is about deprivation or dieting. Not Ever. Diets suck and are a waste of time. This is about choosing to focus your full attention and taste buds on all the amazingly delicious foods out there that don’t contain gluten or grains. This isn’t about beating your self up and forcing yourself to not eat bread, this is about joyfully choosing to enjoy new, varied foods that will do you body good. Yes giving up bread or rice might be tricky at first as your create new eating habits, but if you are going to spend the whole 14 days feeling sorry for yourself that you can’t eat pasta then don’t bother signing up. This challenge (and all of my life as it just so happens) is about joyfully pursuing health and having some fun with it!

So back on topic – to find out what gluten is click here and watch my video, but in general, grain is a word used to describe a type of food derived from cereal crops or plants.

The dictionary says 

The fruits of cereal grasses especially after having been harvested, considered as a group

 Gluten is a substance found only (as far as I am aware) in grains and can cause lots of problems for people’s health BUT you can get gluten free grain like rice or buckwheat. So gluten is a subset of grains.

Being grain free means you remove ALL grains whether or not they contain gluten, so all flour, rye and spelt as well as rice, quinoa, couscous, millet, corn etc. I wrote a whole article about being grain free here so click here to find out more.

But basically being gluten free is a halfway step to being grain free.


  Food Type (like meat or dairy)                                                                                    Grains

  Sub Food Type ( like red meat, or cows dairy)                        Gluten                                               Non Gluten

  Specific Food (like beef or cheese)                                 Wheat, rye, spelt,                              Oats, rice, millet, buckwheat


Sounds Hard?

Once you have signed up you will be sent a free e-guide (a few days before the challenge begins) to help you know what to eat with links to recipe ideas and a meal plan. My whole blog is gluten and grain free so there is a ton of resources available to you here. Throughout the challenge I will be posting things daily on social media to inspire and motivate and send you emails with recipe suggestions in throughout the challenge. 

There is already a bunch of people signed up and everything will be documented via #GFreeChall, so there will be space for you to ask questions and share ideas with fellow challenger’s!

You set your own pace, you decided whether you want to be gluten free or go the whole hog and be grain free and you are free to do it for 5 or 30 days. I am pretty sure you will feel so great after the first week that  you will want to keep on going!

So if you want to try some new delicious food, get out of your food rut, feel fabulous and abound in energy then why not sign yourself up for the G-Free challenge and then better yet get all your mates to sign up too!!

If you have any questions just ask in the comments below – otherwise I look forward to seeing you on the 22nd! 

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