Dreams & Goals: Start of a New Term!

Sep 1, 2014 | Life

Well I am pretty proud of myself, I have finally managed to get one of these monthly dreams and goal post up on the 1st of the month! Well done me. It’s these small achievement in life  that you have to learn to celebrate you know, savouring those small but substantial victories.

I LOVE September, even though I have no children going to school (or any children for that matter) it feels like the start of term, like the start of a new season and a mini new beginning  and I love new beginnings. Also very aptly for me , today is my first day of pursuing working for myself full-time, of pursuing all my health coaching, recipe creating writing and artistic dreams – so cheers to new seasons! I am even excited to be wearing my woolly boots again, weird I know…

I was pretty excited last night as I realised I had a whole week of freedom! I will admit am also slightly terrified that I will become a weird recluse that will only be able to babble about kale and probiotics, but hopefully my friend will ensure that does not happen.

So on we go, but first how did I fair last month I hear you squeal , well let me  let you…

  • Say good bye to my job and be fully present in it until my last moments there. Yes think I did a good job and worked hard until the end, maybe a tad more unofficial blog reading whilst working but kept it under control worked hard and ate lots of cake.
  • Be completely dairy free for a week. I have been more strict at avoiding dairy but not paid much attention so not sure if I did a whole week but overall the cow juice has featured little in my life.
  • Have a meat free week. Feels like it – although my body is not liking too much (as in 5 nights a week) of pulses so didn’t pursue this too much.
  • Have regularly aching muscles from weight training. Yes but would like to take this further – personal trainer anyone?
  • Practice yoga/pilates once a week. Yep pretty much.
  • Stick to my grocery budget! Yes I think I actually did thanks to a brilliant new app called good budget!
  • Spend time every week doing arse all. Yes – I have even read 3 fiction book this month!!!
  • Run another free 2 week challenge here on the blog – more on that next week! Boom doing it – find out more here.

9b03dfcd405c857fed03c24f142ac6b2So this month, my aim is to not get too crazy busy and load up my calendar thinking I have loads of free time. I was TOO busy before so my plan is still to say no to certain things ( I did this at the weekend and was so proud of myself even though I found it so hard!) and yes to things that bring me life. 

Why am I sharing this? To show you that the best time to start is now and that your dreams are important and although they may seem scary, with regular small steps and acknowledgments you can begin to journey with them and see all the good stuff God has put inside of you come to life!

This month I am starting to put things into categories, only putting ONE thing per category so I don’t neglect certain areas of life or be utterly unrealistic!(Me, no , never do that I’m a health coach you know…)


Have a sugar free cleanse. Been eating more natural but sugary food recently and starting to notice a little sugar habit so going to do 3-4 days of nothing sweet – except a few berries!

Self Care

Random but my eye brows are a mess so going to , for the first time in my life, go to an eye brow bar. I didn’t know they existed but its time…


Its my 2 year anniversary so I am being whisked away somewhere to do something by husband Joe. It’s bound to be a lot of fun!364faf81a6fc3238c2542a3c7c311935


Tricky to narrow down to one but I am going to go with launching my PROMO VIDEO (Ohh more on that later!) and begin a arts project with some women in a refugee centre that I am super excited about! 


Finish my sports nutrition diploma before I start a Naturopathic Nutrition  course. I love learning , so the learning never stops in my house!



Make a priority of my weekly Bake Off club with my girlies. What is better for the soul than Mary Berry, your girlfriends and cake?

What are your hopes and plans for this month? Got any big nutrition or exercise changes? 


*Images from my pinterest powerful words board.


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