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A No Nonsense eGuide to Losing Weight (that doesn’t involve cabbage soup or shakes) & Other News!

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HHC-logo-1Happy Saturday! Just thought I would mix things up a bit and surprise you with some Saturday treats!

Today I just had a few exciting things to share with you, that I have been secretly keeping up my sleeve for a while and holding my tongue on.  But now
I get actually get to share some of the super naturally healthy gossip with you! Yay!

Well first up is that over the next wee while I will be launching a podcast channel! And not only will you be getting the joy of my ramblings about all thing healthy and happy, you will also get to hear the voice of the wonderful Laura Agar Wilson – a fellow health coach and blogger at! Laura and I got to know each other online and just thought that it would be fun to start a UK based healthy, natural, foodie, fun podcast channel. Happy Health Chat is its name and our first episode will be coming live to you soon. How fun! I love podcasts, I listen to them at the gym, in the car or whilst cooking and they are such a good way of receiving information and getting inspired.


Secondly is I have written a FREE eGuide for you!

I know that for so many of you getting healthy, eating nourishing healing foods, ditching processed crap and generally creating a more naturally healthy and happy lifestyle is the aim. The other also equally valid aim for most of us is to get slimmer too. Shedding excess fat so we can feel awesome in our skinny jeans. Yet so often we lose hope when it comes to losing weight and actually liking – no loving- the skin your in. We have failed in the past and think we are just made to be a bit chubby and we are not one of those ‘sexy’ people.

Well can I tell you that is a load of crap?

You can lose weight, it is not impossible if you really want it and more importantly, you are worth investing in (and your are totally meant to be your unique version of that ‘sexy person’). Often past weight loss attempts fail because we go on a diet, aren’t willing to make lifestyle changes and we fail to look at the bigger picture. Which is why I have written this eGuide for you, to inject hope (and some holistic strategy) into your heart so that you can create a super naturally healthy and slim life and be the best expression of who you are. 

To get your mits on your totally free eGuide then just sign up below and it will come to you in an email.

So if you are thinking of signing up to my 8 week Flourish eCourse (Starts 10th October) and want a taster, or want to do something NOW to get healthier and slimmer, then make sure you grab a cuppa and have a read a good read of this Super Naturally Healthy & Slim eGuide this weekend.

Get your FREE eGuide here!

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And finally for all you Scottish readers, you may know by now that I am running a live, in the flesh, workshop in Glasgow City Centre this Wednesday which is set to be a fun taster of all things health, food and beauty. I am so looking forward to this, there will be some tasters of popular recipes, so fresh juice and some botanical skin products to try.

Runs 7-8.30pm, 1st October  and you can click here for more info or to book.

Phew what a lot of news! Good job its a Saturday and we can grab a coffee and sit down…

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