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7 Books That Rocked My World in 2014

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With the dawn of a new year upon us I thought it would be splendid to share some of my favourite books and reads of the year. 

Knowledge is really powerful especially when it comes to health, you can learn so much about your body, self and spirit through reading. I think I have learn most about nutrition and health not through courses or products but by having a pretty insatiable appetite for books, research and study. I may not finish every book I start, well I may not finished it quickly, but I have learnt to accept that and I often just chop between several books at once. But knowledge really shapes our choices and helps lay the foundation of why we make the choices we do. So if you want to make lasting changes to you health then get reading!

So here are some of top books that  have shaped my year which cover all genres fiction personal development as well as (mostly) nutrition.

Although after I have hit ‘post’ I will probably remember all the other ones  I have loved too…

1. The Gut and Psychology Syndrome: Natural Treatment for Autism, ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Depression, Schizophrenia aka GAPS book.

Great insight into the gut and is a scientific and alternative approach to where disease comes from and how to treat it. Very foundational book for me totally reccomend as a good starting point. Not a super easy read as I dont think it is written for mainstream readers but I love it.

2.Lucky bitch.Get Rich, Lucky Bitch!: Release Your Money Blocks and Live a First Class Life

I hate the title and cheesiness of this book but even though I have not finished this has been great at helping me get my ass sorted when it comes to money. It been wonderful at helping me unpick negative money beliefs and this has been really helpful at think more strategically about the beliefs i want to have around money. Don’t be like me and judge books my covers and names, this is much better than you think plus I love the focus on forgiveness and how forgiveness impacts our whole lives . 


3. Keep Your Love On!: Connection, Communication & Boundaries

I love Danny Silk ! This book is foundational on how to conduct healthy happy relationships. This book does come from a faith foundation and belief in God but I genuinely believe this would benefit anyone whatever your core beliefs are.



4. Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth About Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar – Your Brain’s Silent Killers

Written by a doctor who has studied the impact of grains on our brains and it’s a great in depth read. It’s is very biased and potentially fear mongering but really insightful and shocking all at the same time. I goes against the grain of normal nutritional thinking (as all these book do), you will never look at bread the same again!


5. Poem for life.Penguin’s Poems for Life by Barber, Laura

This is more of a book for life not just a year but I love poetry and find this book a great selection of wonderful written craftsmanship that helps soothe the soul at any point in life. It a boom to but and keep for life.


6. Leonie Dawson 2015 Workbook.2015v2-header










This is not a novel or really a book as it a work book but I am loving it. I have yet to complete it but am finding the business one really helpful for helping me plan for an awesome 2015! I really creative and pretty and I am finding it super fun to fill in plus its only like £6 and you get loads of bonuses


7. Deep nutrition.Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food: 1

Not finished this yet (are you noticing a pattern!)as it is pretty lengthy but it’s amazing g and all about how out diet impacts our genetic expression. We often just think  ‘it’s genetic’ and give up on our health, but this book explores the emerging area of epigenetics and which I am finding totally fascinating.


So if you have some amazon vouchers or some Christmas pennies or vouchers I totally recommend arming yourself with some of these beauties. Let them shape and mould your thinking, diet and lifestyle so you can get healthier and happier!  

What book would you recommend to all other reader? What books has shaped your year? 

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