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Why Your Not Losing Weight: Three Non Food Factors That Can Hinder Your Health & Weight Loss.

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Do you drink loads of water, scoff down green smoothies like no one else you know and have yet to shift a pound? Well then read on.

Today I wanted to take a look at some of the key non food factors that impact shifting those seemingly stubborn pounds or get in the way of that super naturally healthy life you dream of. You could be eating all the ‘right’ food but if one of these other elements is out of balance then you won’t thrive. Or if your finding that you keep on making poor food choices even though you vow to ‘get healthy’ then it could be down to too much or too little of one of these factors in you life.

So let’s get straight to business (my dinner is on the hob waiting to be devoured) have a look at why your not losing weight and some of the non food and non physical aspects that could be hindering your results.
(Please remember to see you doctor though if you are concerned with slow or non existent weight loss)



Stress will make you hungry, want to eat sugary food and caffeine and release unhelpful hormones that make your body NOT want to shed fat. Although eating healthy foods is key, we also need to reduce, or manage well, the stress in our lives. How are you at dealing with that overwhelmed, panicked feeling? Do you reach for the biscuit tin? To really thrive and flourish we need to make sure each day and week has moments where we can unwind and that we learn strategies that help us deal with those stressful moments or phases of life.

I tackle stress by being an avid planner, taking baths, doing exercise and journaling, as well as chatting endlessly to my other half! Spend some time thinking about how your de – stress and if you need to get on the NO Train (the train on which to say no to un-necessary busyness in your life). Sometimes stress can be massively reduced just by saying that simple two letter word…



Maybe you just need to have a game of Fireman Sam snakes & ladders sometimes??
















Are you making some time in your life to have a laugh and to play? Or is life very serious and dull?

We often think play is just for kids but it’s actually integral for our well being. Einstein said play is research I love this definition. When we make space for adventure, for having fun and laughing we learn more about ourselves and what we need. It inevitably leads to laughing (a great ab workout and happy hormone releaser) and it means we are less likely to binge eat and we have a greater sense of life satisfaction. And when we feel full on life, are relaxed (play massively helps with this) our body functions so much better and when our bodies are in a happy relaxed fun place then it can easily burn off excess fat stores.

Where is the fun, the laughter and the play in your week? If our lives lack in fun and laughs then we may feed that natural desire with food instead of the thing we actually need. So what one thing are you doing each week that is fun?



How much are you moving and getting sweaty?

Now this does not need to involve lyrca, gym memberships or going outside but your body will thrive when there is intentional movement each day. When we exercise, and that could be walking briskly, walking up lots of stairs, going to gym classes or throwing kids in the air, you not only help to boost your metabolism you release happy hormones in your body . I think of exercise as a bit of a wake up call to the rest of your body. It gets your metabolism, bowels, glands and hormones moving! It helps you detox, use up energy and feel fantastic. Plus when you move you remind yourself that you are powerful, healthy and strong, it reinforces we who we are and reminds us of how able we are. 

So remember you can be slim and you can be well – we just need to look at the WHOLE picture because that is how we create slim and healthy life .

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How do you make sure you have fun and play? And what is your favourite way to move and get sweaty?
Keep it clean;)




Lucie Elizabeth (@CollectingLight)

stress is a huge thing for me – great tips girl!


Me too – it has such a big impact on our health!

Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy

I think stress is such a huge factor and something that is so often overlooked. Whenever I am stressed, I quickly gain weight and always look so bloated.


Me too, it impact my digestion a lot when i am stressed – so the aim is to be zen like:)

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