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IMG_2775-1.JPG I thought it was about time that I wrote a bit more about my health philosophy. What I eat personally, and why, and what the over arching principles are that lead to Super Natural Health!

I have deliberately not made this site a paleo, real food, whole food, GAPS, vegan or whatever site as I tend to embrace aspects of various different eating philosophies. But there are 2 main principles that I follow and am passionate about spreading to the world. These two things are what I tell people when they want to know one thing to get healthier (or ask for a magic pill!):

1. Eat naturally
2. Learn to listen and connect with your body

These two things are where all of my food choices and beliefs stem from.

Eat naturally means avoiding processed food as much as possible without being anal or weird about it. It about choosing to make things from scratch or be willing to pay a higher price for better quality. It is saying no to sweeteners, E numbers, preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, refined sugars or grains where possible (again without being the rude or weird). It’s avoiding genetically modified food or meats or animal products that are cultivating in unnatural or inhumane ways.
It is about loving colourful foods, being creative in the kitchen and home. It is about abundance, and awesome flavours at every meal. Embracing natural fats, proteins, sweeteners, eating seasonally if possible and being connected to where our food is coming from. It about honouring the earth, the land and our bodies by giving it the best we can.

Listening to you body means learning to listen to your bodies unique needs. Tuning into your symptoms, feelings or obvious cries for help that our body’s always give off in crisis. It is about taking time to respect, honour and accept our bodies and be at peace with the fact that we are all different and need different things to thrive. It’s about acknowledging that you body was created to be well and its natural inclination, as given to us by god, is for it to heal itself and our job is to facilitate this healing and this health.

But what do you eat? You may cry!
What’s your label and rules! Well…

I love veganism emphasis on vegetables, nuts and am passionately against the main stream meat/milk/eggs production methods as they are utterly inhumane BUT I believe eating animal products when raised in a ethical and humane way is good for us and that our bodies need the vitamins and minerals found in animal products alone.

I love how paleo eating promotes animal products and things like raw eggs yolk but I am not an advocate of eating ton’s of poor quality inhumanely sources animal products all the time. I also think raw diary for some people is very beneficial.

I love real foods and whole foods emphasis of traditional ways of eating but I don’t think our diet should have grain or gluten at its foundation.

I eat completely grain free but hope that one day once by body is healed enough some grains will show up again but think that grain and (gluten especially – even if made in traditional ways) should be a rare occurrence and by no means our staple.

I think I eat more vegetables than most vegetarians but love vegetarians promotion of lentils and bean – what would we do without hummus!

I promote healing diets like GAPS SCD or AIP but recognise they are not how I plan to eat for the rest of my life.

I love green smoothies and juices and sometimes I add hemp seeds or bee pollen but sometimes I add beef gelatine too .

I take supplements often but only amazing quality ones and do not think you can ever out supplements a good diet.

I know that alcohol and sugar are like poisons but you know sometimes I just have them anyway…

So as you can see I am a paleo/vegan/GAPS/green smoothie drinking/broth making/ organic meat eating/sometimes diary free sometimes not/ grain free/gluten free eating gal.

So what should your philosophy be?

Well this so first inherently personal but I would say that aiming to eat natural foods first and foremost. Remove the junk the sugar the GMO heavily processed gluten the artificial sweeteners (slowly does it – we are in no hurry!) and then learn to listen to your beautiful body. And for some of you that might mean you body needs to in major sorting out and healing and you go down the grain free or GAPS route but for some of you just need to enjoy some more natural fats and ditch the gluten.

This isn’t about right or wrong ways of eating this is about respecting your unique body, giving it what it needs and getting back to traditional ways of eating, eating what our bodies were made for.

I have come to this way of eating because I was truly sick of being ill, of being in pain and of being given drugs and hospital test. So I took another path to health and wellness and this is where I have ended up.

Thanks for reading and why not let me know your healthy philosophy below in the comments. What do you eat and what does your body need?

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Mary Anne

Hi Keziah

Does your grain free diet adhere to the low carb/high fat philosophy? In South Africa we call it Banting and absolutely everyone is jumping on the Banting Wagon (so to speak :)) without any first thoughts. What confuses me is that as far as I know, without any carbs the body goes into ketosis which changes the way our bodies burn fuel (from burning carbs to burning fats). This is difficult to maintain and if you have some grain then you mess up the whole process – not sure if I understand this correctly though. And I’ve heard its not good to be in a permanent state of ketosis. Despite this I really don’t want to follow a fad diet that everyone is doing just because it’s the fashionable thing. I want to do what my body needs. What do you think?


Hi Mary Anne – Yes pretty much I probably don’t emphasis fat as much as banting (I have family out in SA so read the banting book on my last holiday and LOVED it). I totally get your concerns and stirring clear of faddy diets is always good thing! From my own experience I have found a state of ketosis is good for allowing the body to heal and repair but not always necessary for ongoing health and general living. so it depends if you feel you body is in need of healing and repair in which case a period of banting could be good. But for longer term, and this is how I mainly eat now, I mostly avoid grains and just make sure i eat plenty of vegetable based carbs like sweet potato, butternut and other starchy veg as its important to ensure you have enough carbs (especially as women as they support out hormones system) . But we are all different so I would feel free to create something that suits you – for example I eat in a way that follows the GAPS diet mainly but I mix it up more and incorporate more non grain carbs as I felt like i needed that. I hope that help Mary!

Mary Anne

Thanks for the reply. I’m loving following your blog 🙂


Hi, great article. For me, every morning a big breakfast (maximum) and water with lemon. 🙂


Water and lemon is always winner!

Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy

Learning to listen to my body is one of the biggest journeys I have been on. I used to force myself to do things I thought I should be doing, when my body was telling me what it needed all along.


It is definitely a journey – I am still on it but it is totally worth it:)


I enjoyed this. One question – what is the problem with grains and the gut?


Oh that is a great questions read this blog Post for a bit more info:)

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