5 Steps to Super Natural Health

Jan 15, 2015 | Nutrition



Sometimes things are deliberately made to look confusing, overwhelming and too difficult for mere mortals individuals achieve.

Take gardening for example. I read a book recently that made it sound like if I wanted to grow tomatoes I would need spend hours each day tending to their growth, talking to them and measuring there water intake! Well as you can imagine that is not ever going to happen so I just gave up the idea and thought I will just never be ‘that sort of person’.

Then I talked to my father in law who thankfully explained and showed me that it actually simple and pretty much involves a tomatoes grow bag seeds and water and I do not need to become a full-time tomato carer. (Good news – tomatoes this spring here I come!)

Have you noticed how so often ‘getting healthy’ can also be covered in this shroud of confusion?

 That creating a healthy life is some how complicated, going to require your full attention, all the time, on every hour. That you need to learn to mediate, practice yoga and oil pull before 7am, create a handmade breakfast, write out things you are grateful for, cycle to work, drink green juice, eat a spouted salad for lunch (that you have sprouted yourself of course!) run a charity in your lunch hour, cycle home, run a 10 k and spend you evenings in zen like meditation or baking glorious ingredient free cakes (and obvious have an allotment in your spare time too!)

Can I just tell you that this is a load of crap. Being well, healthy and happy can look like you. You don’t need to wave a scarf on a beach to be healthy, you are allowed to HATE spinach and green smoothies and ultimately you don’t have to try to be something you’re not. Getting healthy is simply about lining up your life (choices,  with who you really are – free, health, and made wellness.

Sure they are all good things to do but if you feel like being healthy means you need to be a different person and then you have been listening to the wrong voice.

Being super naturally healthy, truly alive, well and energised, means finding your unique version of healthy, not trying to copy someone else’s version of it.

After years of struggle with eating disorders, health issues and good old excess fat I have learnt how to push past the confusion, the ‘do it all’ mentality, the comparison and create my version of healthy and I want to help you do the same.

On Thursday 29th January I am going to share with you 5 steps to creating super natural health. These simple principles are what I have used, and still use, to created greater health and joy in my life. This live group coaching session with be an interactive and empowering session to help you cut the crap (in every sense of the word) and create your version of healthy. It will include a health assessment, free workbooks, meal plans and some great bonus material.

It will be your chance to ask your questions and learn how to build lasting health, joy, freedom and peace within your life and body. I cannot tell you how key this time will be, whether you are far down your health journey or only just at the beginning this session will take you deeper and equip you to be YOU.

Looking forward to seeing you there – just click here to sign up!

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