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Flourish Uncovered: Jess’s Journey

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Welcome to another Flourish Uncovered series!

As you may now I kicked off my first Flourish eCourse of the year a few weeks ago and I wanted to let you in on it. I love reading about people journey’s into greater health (so much so that that I became a health coach) as it is just so inspiring. Whether you need to lose 4 stone or sort out your digestion or simply create healthier meals for you family, we all need some inspiration and to feel like we are not doing it on our own.

Isolation is a killer when it comes to change and transformation. We need each other don’t we? We need support, we need to feel like we are not the ONLY person in the world getting up 30 minutes earlier in order to do Jillian Michael 30 day shred! So over the next few weeks keep an eye out and watch Jess’s story unfold as she bravely lets us into her Flourishing world!

(As you may tell from the picture Jess is my awesome sister, who I am immensely proud of for many many reasons but she is also super blunt and no nonsense so she will be honest along the whole journey. AKA I promise to not bribe her with my brownies! Jess in the past has done a few diet clubs so I thought it would be interesting to see her process  – so enjoy!)

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So go on whats your name and where do you come from – give us the Jess low-down!
Im a full-time future development and life coach (aka mum) with 3 main areas of responsibility (children). I love my job, its very energetic with 5 year old, 3 year old and 3 month old baby girl. It is also the best job ever.
I am not a health food nerd and I am more used to making huge cakes and bread than quinoa and mung beans. I love food and eating.
Why did you decide to sign up for Flourish/let your sister coerce you into her super naturally healthy ways!?
The typical “fat club”  helped me to lose my beautiful baby weight for my previous 2 babies and I need to lose it again!  There are certain elements to these weight loss plans I grew increasing concerned and confused about. For example; how is “extra light olive spread” with a million strange ingredients better for me than butter with two ingredients? And do I really want to eat so much sweetener?
 My goal this time is different too. Im not just after magic numbers on a scale, I want to be healthy and fit for life. I want to go beyond the scales.

Pregnant Jess!

How have you found the first few weeks of the Flourish eCourse?
It has been a bit of a focus shift on how I build a meal or meal plan. The usual focus is on pasta or white potatoes. Im slowly changing to focus on protein and creating a new meal plans. However I was surprised by how many of my families favourites, with a small tweak, became full flourishing meals. Currently trying some swops for pizza!
You took a plunge and did the Flourish Detox how did that go? What were you expecting and what was the result?
I was really dreading it. Thinking it was going to be cucumber and water all week. But I took the plunge and saw it as a way to regain some disciplin in my eating after 9 months of eating whatever I wanted without thinking.
The reality was very different to what I expected. I found it empowering and easy. I followed kezia’s advice and planned my eating out including snacks and treats. I made my smoothies the night before so I could get a quick breakfast before the school run. There was always something to eat and I was amazed by how good I felt and pleased I proved not to be the total caffeine addict I thought I was!20150116_112530
Your favourite meal/foods in last few weeks?
Almond berry smoothy (without the cocoa for me!)
Jacket sweet potatoes and real cocoa!
What are you celebrating right now ?
Loosing 5 cm from my hips in one week! 
Has there been any moments of real struggle?
Everyday after the kids are in bed! I always want a treat something to savour in my own time. Im learning to swop chocolate and sugary cake for different cake and different treats.
Any favourite recipes you have been loving?
 Dahl. Its quick simple and I find it easy to make lots of and have for lunches.
Give us a high and a low form that last week
High: realising I was not caffeine dependant!
Low: a very dodgy smoothy. It was gross. Followed by a hungry walk to school. (Soon corrected by a large amount of scrambled eggs!)
What has been keeping you motivated and inspired along this journey?
My vision of my holidays this year. To be feeling fit and feeling slim. To be fit enough to do some kind of fun run/silly sports event with my sister (and maybe beat her!)
Top 2 tips for anyone who is wanting to start getting healthier and lose weight?
Be real. Realistic about your danger times, when you are likely to fall into old habits.20150114_171928
Be prepared. Prepare for these times and have a plan for what you will do.
And a cheeky third..chill out. So what you ate a biscuit? ! Move on!
What one kitchen appliance would you grab in a fire?
My spotty teapot. Does that count as an appliance?? If not my mixer.
Love it! So make sure you keep tuned in to see how she gets on and find out more about the Flourish eCourse here.



That’s a great ‘real’ review. Very motivating. The ‘diet’ mentality and all that goes with it (binge,purge, binge, wallow in guilt and self hate) is my biggest enemy. Arrgghhhhhh!!!! Thank you both x


Your so welcome – it is a vicious cycle that I determined to help people break with lots of success so far – it is possible:)


I love this! Wish I’d known about the Flourish Plan earlier. I too have had some success with ‘diet clubs’ but grew tired of all the ‘versions’ of foods and the FrakenFoods (sweetner, Low fat but sugar full this that and the other) plus the constant thinking about dieting. Argggh. Enough to make you reach for the cake!


I know it is frustrating ! Don’t worry though I am running another Flourish eCourse in few weeks so it would be great to have you join the Flourish Family:)

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