Flourish Uncovered: Jess’s Results & a Flourishing Chocolate Muffin Recipe to Boot!

Feb 22, 2015 | Weight Loss



Have you been enjoying reading Jess’s story as she pursue greater health and getting trim after beautiful baby number 3? 


I sure have and today is the final instalment of her story and by gum she has done so well! So make sure you check out her experience of juggling 3 tiny tots, school runs, exercise and getting healthy and slim PLUS she shares with us her secret cake recipe that has been keeping her going over the past few weeks. I know who would have thought you can lose weight and still eat cake?!


But enough said and over to Jess and her amazing and Flourish friendly Chocolate Muffin Recipe….



Three belt holes down – nice! 


What has you overall experience been on the Flourish eCourse?

I found it surprisingly chilled and easy. I was expecting it to be hardcore, but it’s not. Way easier than a diet!


What does a day of eating look like for you now and how is this different from  when you started? 

Well see for yourself:


Now  —  Then
  Alarm/screaming child
Rooibos tea —  Tea tea
Smoothie/Eggs —  Toast
Nuts/naked bar — Cake
Soup, Sweet Potato, Avocado —  Sandwich 
Fruit —  Cake and fruit
Bolognese on Broccoli —  Bolognese on Pasta 
Homemade Cocoa — Chocolate

What has been the most key lesson or revelation for you over the course?

A treat is an out of the ordinary thing that brings great pleasure. It’s amazing how a ‘treat’ had become normal and very frequent.  As a result I enjoy treats WAY more.


So tell us what results have you seen in your wonderful body? 

I like it more!  Even moving towards “love it” territory. Amazing!?

Lost 27cm in total! 10cm from hips and tummy each!! 7cm from my waist. Not bad for 4 weeks!




What are you celebrating right now ?

I started 30 day Shred exercise DVD this week and found it way easier than I thought! I am fitter than I thought! Yay go me.


What have been your favourite meals so far?

If by meal you meant cake…. cake is the best. My favourite cakes are these muffins because they are so easy and tasty. 



Chocolate Muffins Recipe

taken from my Whole Food Life and part of the 220+ recipe available to Flourishees!

Makes 12

2 bananas

1 cup peanut butter (can be any sugar less nut butter)

1/3 cup coco

1/4 cup maple syrup

Preheat oven to 180c and line your muffin tins.

Blend all ingredients till smooth.

Scoop into cases and bake for 15min or till skewer comes out clean.

Tip: mixture is very sticky so a wet spoon makes scooping much easier.


What has been the biggest obstacle you have had to over come and how did you do it?

Well I had a full on salt craving, I basically wanted anything covered  in it; chips, crisps, pretzels.  None of it very good for you! So I got myself some sea salt and went for it, particularly on my avocado at breakfast. Until this week when eating my breakfast I found it far too salty. No more salt craving! This listening to your body malarky seems to work…


What other aspects of life has it impacted?

My lovely husband has recently started to be interested in getting healthier and eating better too so he will be Flourishing before we know it.


Would you recommend the eCourse and if so why?

Yes for sure. Flourish is easy accessible but also challenging. There are so many resources I haven’t managed to read them all yet:) Plus 27 cm of fat melting off in 4 weeks is not a bad outcome…:)


What is going to motivate you as you go on from here?

I am going to continue to work through the resources and recipes alongside joining the Flourish family (the monthly subscription coaching group that you can be part of for as long as you need with month coaching and daily support – but more on this soon!!!)


Top 2 tips for anyone who is wanting to start getting healthy who is short of time?

Time is not an excuse  – it is a challenge to overcome. So think creatively about ways to  prepare for busy times of day. In my house that’s 4 till 7. So I prep my snacks and sometimes drinks before then so I can grab and go. My meal plan also comes into its own then.


If you were only allowed to eat one food for the rest of your life what food would it be?

Chocolate. Always chocolate.


Well done Jess with 3 belt holes down and 27 cm of fat melted off that is one pretty good outcome for 4 weeks! I wholeheartedly agree – time can not be used as an excuse as at the end of the day it all comes down to our priorities. You can be slim and thriving when you chose to prioritise your health and your happiness:)  

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So tell me what are your healthy slimming snacks and how can your prioritise Flourishing in your own life?

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