The Green Smoothie Challenge – Are You In???

Apr 4, 2015 | Life, Weight Loss

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Happy Happy Easter Weekend!!

I hope you are enjoying (yes enjoying! Guilt is not allowed remember) some Easter treats and hopefully some rest. 

And if you are anything like me then you will be starting to get the spring time itch (hopefully not literally though otherwise you need to book in for one of my free health reviews!). The desire to clear our your house  and your sock draw and get your act together. Summer is fast approaching and if your still feeling sluggish and glum when you look in the mirror then read on my beautiful friend.

If you want to join me and a whole HOARD of others in getting a bit of spring time GLOW then I would LOVE you to come and join me in The 10 Day Green Smoothie Challenge!


But first – maybe this picture best describes your relationship to green smoothies. You may think drinking luminous green stuff is too weird, gross or not for you so here are some A’s to your Q’s…

Is it a fad?

Nope. Green smoothies are not some miracle sure they are simply a tasty way of getting more vegetables into your diet. Sure 200 years ago we weren’t bending our veggies but now we can and it saves your so much tim. Green leafy vegetables are so healing and kind to the body and all of us need more of then in our lives. It’s not about switching one of your meals (ideally breakfast) to a luscious glass or bowl of green smoothie jam packed with tons of fruit, nut, veg and other good things to help your body heal. Then spend the rest of the day eating (and chewing on) other tasty food as normal. It means you don’t spend hours cooking or preparing food you simply blend, go and enjoy.

You can take your time with your smooth and make them thick like ice-cream  or you can pop them in a jar and slurp them at your desk or whilst chasing kids round the park – its up to you!

Green smoothies sound gross.

Well can I tell you that when made right they are delicious! If you sign up to the challenge you will be over 15  new recipes including things like my Pecan Pie Smoothie recipe or my Cherry Chocolate Chilli Bliss Smoothie. I know green (or brown for chocolate flavoured ones) looking smoothies can look weird but trust me they are amazing.

One green smoothie a day – that won’t change much!

Well don’t take it from me this is what previous challenger have said:

I have found that my digestive problems and constant reflux has disappeared.I have used the smoothies to increase my fluid levels as I am hopeless at remembering to drink more water. I also had a urinary tract issue… so I think these green smoothies, alongside the other changes I have made, seemed to have flushed my system out :)

I have loved the green smoothie challenge. I’ve seen improvements in my energy level and generally felt really well for doing it so much so I’m still going with it!  

I feel amazing, more energy, don’t find myself being dragged out of bed in the morning, wake up feeling refreshed, lost 9lbs but wish I had measured myself as feel I have lost a lot of inches!

I hate vegetables.

I totally get this and you know what – I don’t like kale (its like a health coaching SIN not to love kale!). I don’t ever eat it on its own and but can eat it in a smoothie. BUT when its in a smoothie mixed with pineapple mango cucumber and maybe some rocket it is tasty and I get all the goodness in me whilst feeling like I am having a mocktail on the beach!


So this is not some faddy miracle cure – this is about welcoming in one simple smoothie a day so that you can see maximum results. And in true Kezia style I will also share with your some of  key principles from my Flourish eCourse to help you shift your mindset and create one gloriously healthy, energised and fabulous life – not a 10 day fad!

So what do you get and what does it look like?

  • 15+ delicious green smoothie, no faff recipes with ingredients you can get at your local shop – so no weird shops needed. (worth £15)
  • You 10 day shopping list to save you time and mean your ready to go.(worth £5)
  • BONUS hour group coaching session on 15th April where you can ask your questions and learn more about creating one crazy healthy life (worth £20)
  • 10 day email course with daily recipes, tips, resources and expertise from my fine self. (worth £20)
  • Daily support on my facebook page where you can ask questions, post picture of your creations and be a part of the Green Smoothie Crew! (priceless!!!)

You get all this, all these recipe, expertise, support, resources, coaching and Super Naturally Helathy love for…….just £4.99!!

I know crazzzzzzyyy – thats cheaper than a tub of almond butter! So this is a one week only deal and won’t happen again. So if your ready to get the healthy GLOW then I would love you (And your mum, sister, husband and gran) to join me too!

Just click here to find out more info and here to sign up straight away!

And if you want to know more about why on earth green smoothies are the bomb then watch this video tutorial here!

So have an amazing Easter weekend and if you want a low down of some great Chocolate recipes then here are my recommendations:

dark chocolate

Homemade Organic Chocolate 

easter nests

Chocolate Easter Nests

pumpkin-cake-main--685x1024Pumpkin Cake – not chocolate but tasty!

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    • Yay – we green smoothie drinkers will take over the world at some point;)


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