Chilli Cherry Chocolate Smoothie Recipe

Apr 25, 2015 | Drinks, Nutrition, Recipes


Today I am going to blow my own trumpet a bit. (And try to learn how to drink smoothies without getting it all over my face…)


Now I don’t actually play any instruments (other than sing rather loudly – my poor neighbours!) but I want to not only share with you one of my tasty Green Smoothie Recipes I have been concocting for my eBook (coming out in The Green Smoothie Challenge which went down a STORM. And I think it could be your secret weapon when it comes to freakin fabulous this summer…just saying!


Over 10 days these fabulous women decided to simply drink one green smoothie a day to see how much better they could feel. And the results? Well have a read of some of these Facebook comments during the challenge:


Kezia, this morning green smoothie was amazing! completely felt like I was drinking a naughty milkshake and so filling! Absolutely delicious!

Loving this morning’s pecan pie smoothie Kezia! 

Today’s pecan pie smoothie made extra green with some spirulina powder added. Yummy! ‪#‎greensmoothie‬

Probably my fave yet – kinda feels like I’m eating a lemon and blueberry muffin  ‪#‎greensmoothie‬ ‪#‎thisisnotgreen‬


Or some of the tweets….



@KeziaHallHealth not so green #greensmoothie today….but I think this is my new favourite….so delicious!!!

— Nicola Gray (@NicolaGray88) 


It’s like grown-up chocolate milk!!! Great start to the wknd @KeziaHallHealth #greensmoothie 

— RachW (@Gert189) 


Via email: 

“I’ve swapped my morning coffee for half a green smoothie and I tend to drink the other half just before lunch and I feel so much more lively in the morning (even doing the school run!) I also don’t seem to have that 2:30pm “slump” either! My hair, nails and skin are looking good too.”


“I have lost my extra bit of bulge over my jeans and I think that’s related to one or two kilos from my weight 🙂 I also feel that I can be a little bit more healthy in what I eat and haven’t been tempted to have many bad things in the last 10 days. “


“I’m less bloated, my skin has cleared up loads and I have much more energy – I’m starting the day on a positive and it’s lasting all day.”


Yay – did they all do so well! What I loved about this was that it was all about ADDING one simple and delicious thing to your day. That is it. No faff, no faddy diets or pills, just one delicious drink a day. SIMPLE.


The challenge included recipes like a Pecan Pie Smoothie, a Lemon and Blueberry Smoothie and the Chilli Cherry Chocolate Bliss recipe I will share with you below. So THANK YOU to everyone who took and takes part , its so good to get all your positive feedback about my recipes.



Are you ready for the green smoothie challenge? The start TODAY! Click here to begin you tastiest 10 day detox EVER!




Chilli Cherry Chocolate Smoothie Recipe




And you know I love any excuse to eat chocolate.


Thankfully chocolate can be good for you and help you live that fabulous healthy life – can I hear I big AMEN for that!


The chilli in this helps to ward away colds, boost your metabolism and put fire in your bones! The cocoa gives you an energy and magnesium boost whilst the spinach provides lots of lovely iron, calcium, more magnesium (most of us are deficient) and vitamin C. AKA this is a winner and it tasting of chilli chocolatey goodness (feel free to leave out the chilli if you’re not a spicy fan).


And if you are not convinced that blending kale and cocoa together (it does sound weird I give you that!) is a good idea then get your butt onto the Green Smoothie Challenge where you will be coached through every step of the Green Smoothie process – perfect for smoothie virgins 😉


Chilli Cherry Chocolate Smoothie

Kezia Hall
A fiery and chocolatey way to boost your immune system and metabolism!


  • 2 bananas
  • 2 handfuls spinach
  • 1/2 avocado
  • a thin slice of fresh chilli
  • a small handful kale
  • 2 tbsp organic cocoa powder
  • 1 tbsp almond butter
  • 1 cup/100g frozen cherries
  • 300 ml water
  • tsp honey or dates to sweeten if desired


  • Blend until smooth. Serve with ice.


leave out chilli for Cherry Chocolate goodness only:)

Will you join us for the  Green Smoothie Challenge? And if you have taken part in the GSC what was your fav recipe? 

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