Introducing My Simple Green Smoothies eBook!!!!

Jun 18, 2015 | Nutrition


Phew! I cannot tell you how pleased I am to be writing this post to you.

You see the last few months I have been seeing green. In fact, green has taken over my entire kitchen and life.

But I am so freaking and crazily excited to announce that my Simple Green Smoothie recipe eBook is DONE!


Praise the freaking lord!


I feel like I have just given birth so am in that slight delerious state of joy and exhaustion but I am so happy with this little bundle of green smoothie joy.

In fact this is what I have been looking like over the past few days…



No the sun has not hit Scotland hence wearing my husband’s jumper
and yes I may not have washed all that often much… 

The eBook!

I know that getting healthy can feel like a massive up hill battle. We don’t have tons of time to spend meditating or growing wheat grass (no Mum that is not a drug) from scratch but we do want to feel truly fabulous don’t we? 

We want to have clear skin, happy tummies and have that naturally healthy GLOW!

Well that is why I wrote this book, a complete guide to transforming your body by implementing one simple green smoothie habit. It really is that easy.


ipad SGS ebook cover

<<< Click here to drool over my Simple Green Smoothies eBook >>>

I have created (read spent hours and hours in the kitchen force feeding my husband green liquids) over 45 delightful recipes that I want to give to you so that you can walk in the incredible freedom, energy, love, fun, passion and sexiness you were created and born for.


And long standing readers know my utter love for cake, chocolate and pudding so there is not a dull recipe to be found in this eBook.


Things like Carrot Cake or Pecan Pie smoothies sound good? How about a Cherry Bakewell or Chocolate Super Shake smoothie for breakfast? (Yes you can eat chocolate for breakfast and be healthy – in fact in true chocoholic style I have over 5 different chocolate smoothie version …yes I am Kezia Hall and I am a chocoholic!)

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 17.08.17

PLUS I also look at green smoothie’s sexy cousin – JUICE and give you a complete guide to make juice and the difference between smoothie and juice because they are NOT the same thing. Along with ten awesome recipes for juicing newbies and pros alike.


And I share a whole bunch of nut and seed milks to as you know I tend to avoid cows milk and find that most people people better to drink less of it but not need to spend tons on super expensive almond milk – no sirree!

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 17.09.16

There is also more (can you tell I am the prolific creative type that just keeps on creating until someone says STOP!) with tons more exclusive bonuses, resources, meal plans, cleanses and of course lots of love.



I have poured my heart and soul into this, made hand drawn illustrations (did you know I am an artist too? Factoid for the day for you!), actually bothered to photograph things half decently and triple tested the recipes to ensure that your taste buds are happy chappies.


Because you know what? Life is too short to feel sh*t and you were created, handcrafted an design for so much more .


<<< Click here to drool over my Simple Green Smoothies eBook >>>


So make sure you head over to drool, I mean look, at all the pictures and I have a wee video there too. And as with everything if you like what you see here then please share it with your friends a what you like share and talk about is powerful and it is how we can change the world together 

Page IMAGES white back ground

Oh and if your not part of my Super Naturally Healthy Tribe then sign up NOW as everyone who is part of the family has access to a time limited discount  so sign up to get some family perks 😉

And if you want a sneak peek on what Green Smoothies are like then check out these recipes:

But now I am off to lie in a bath and dream up my next recipe book…


(Also remember every time you you buy something here at Super Naturally Helathy you also are investing into the health and freedom of human trafficking victims – read more about it here)

Are you already a Green Smoothie Convert? What is your favourite combo? 


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  1. Congrats on the ebook! I know exactly how it feels to get a book finished – it’s such an achievement.

    • I know – I can imagine publishing one is even more tricky and reliving once done:)


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