Happy Health Chat #9: Getting ‘Bikini Body’ Ready

Jun 23, 2015 | Nutrition, Podcast



Ep 9: Getting Bikini Body Ready

Are you getting ready for that holiday in the sun? Been bombarded by diets, powders, scrubs, pills, teas and other products that promise to get you ‘beach body ready’?

In this episode of Happy Health Chat Laura and I share some of our thoughts on beach body CRAZINESS, and as you can imagine it goes a little against the grain! But we do share practical tips of how to feel your best and our approach to feeling confident in a bikini (yes it is possible!). So click the above media player to listen and make sure you leave a review and subscribe on iTunes here!

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Here are a couple of the posts Laura talked about on the topic and what we refer to in the podcast:


What do you think about the summer / beach body craze? How you do you ensure you feel hot to trot when heading to the beach?

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  1. I always tell people that all bodies are beach ready. Just take your body to a beach and it is ready 😉


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