The Green Smoothie Challenge!

Jul 23, 2015 | Nutrition


You know how I feel about Green Smoothies don’t you?

Most days I start my day will a jar of green goodness (or with a plate of cooked onions – weird I know!)

But maybe just maybe you are UTTERLY skeptical about the whole thing. The last you want to do is spend money  on some faddy thing and ingredients that won’t last.  I also used to think that blending spinach and kale into a drinkable liquid was the WEIRDEST thing ever.

Or maybe you are just wanting to feel better from the inside out. Sure you wouldn’t say no to losing a few pounds but MORE than that you want to feel good. Be energised and feel like you are creating that health life you have always wanted.

Well that is why I created the Green Smoothie Challenge & Simple Green Smoothie eBook.

I too used to be super skeptical about any online challenges and anything that I was  told to drink that was luminous green. But this isn’t about a seven-day fad, this is about you taking a small step  that gives you MASSIVE results in just few days.

Frame- green smoothie looking down

Here is what people who have done the challenge have said:

“I started the green smoothie challenge, thinking it would be a good way to get some goodness into my diet. I anticipated me holding my nose and swallowing bitter tasting green gloop and if I am honest I was skeptical that there would be any noticeable changes in me. How wrong was I? First of all, they actually taste really good! I wake up in the morning and I actually crave my green smoothie goodness! Who knew! The changes from replacing my breakfast for a green smoothie have been surprising. I tend to snack less on rubbish throughout the entire day. This isn’t a conscious thing, im not thinking ive been “good” at breakfast so I better not blow it. I just haven’t wanted to eat as much rubbish. There has been a massive reduction in my sugar cravings too. I noticed by day three that I felt less bloated, and I have definitely lost a few pounds too” Anon – Glasgow

“I think I’ve lost some weight, felt more refreshed, better within myself as healthier and certainly had no cravings for unhealthy food like chocolate, crisps or else. In fact I found it took those away. Not sure but also may feel less problems in knees. I’m still doing it most days. ” Michaela Strange – Bedford

“Spinach, kale and avocado no longer seem the sorts of things I don’t eat – in fact, I now crave them and am open to eating all kinds of nutritious food again after a long time of eating poorly.  The feeling of zing I get the moment I drink the smoothie.” Louise Welsh – Glasgow – Kid Car Share

“I have much more energy! I’ve swapped my morning coffee for half a green smoothie and I tend to drink the other half just before lunch and I feel so much more lively in the morning (even doing the school run!) I also don’t seem to have that 2:30pm “slump” either! My hair, nails and skin are looking good too.” Anon – Newcastle

“I’ve never eaten so much green veg! I have lost my extra bit of bulge over my jeans and I think that’s related to one or two kilos from my weight 🙂 I also feel that I can be a little bit more healthy in what I eat and haven’t been tempted to have many bad things in the last 10 days.” Emily Wilson, Norwich

Pretty powerful stuff isn’t it?

It is simple but MASSIVELY powerful. You will get recipe delivered straight to you inbox, a free guide to get you starts with even more recipes, some bonus coaching freebies and the support of an awesome green smoothie loving community all for a fiver!!

SO I have one question for you :

Are you ready to GLOW?

Click here to find out more and to sign up!

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