Can You Really Eat Awesome Food & Still HEAL Your Body?

Nov 11, 2015 | Healing & Herbs, Nutrition



If you follow me on social media then you will know that I have just returned from a holiday in beautiful Morocco.


It was a totally stunning place and over all I had a lovely time apart from….


Getting sick. And I mean REALLY sick.


I was trekking in the Atlas mountains and got hauled off the mountain on a mule. (I will also mention that I am rather scared of horses.)


I have not been that sick for a long time – not since I was in hospital after visiting India ten years ago.



me and my mule


I was leaking liquid from everywhere (enough said), vomited all over the place (eventually) and was very nauseous – all due to eating something funny and made worse by altitude (I was 3000m+ in the mountains).


Last time this happened by health plummeted for months and months. My bowels took years to recover, my energy was sapped and to be honest I had no idea what to do and I just took tons of antibiotics and hoped my liver would reduce its swelling and that I would be able to no longer plan my days around toilet trips. ( And of course got advice from my Doctor – as ALWAYS!)


This time though I had normal bowel movements within 24 hours, was able to eat properly after 48 hours and am back at work and feeling good less than a week later.


Why? Because I have learnt to listen to my body and use food as medicine.


I have learnt how to facilitate healing in my body. 


And despite the fact that it was NOT pleasant experience and I would rather have not been dragged off the mountain on a mule and been able to reach the mountain summit, I was left feeling empowered. I was not out of control and I was not overwhelmed – I knew how to heal.


Food can be medicine and we can heal. These are things I am passionate about it and what my business is all about. For when your are well and healed you will be slim and lose stubborn weight, you will up your energy and, heck, you will just love your healthy life!


This isn’t about hippy remedies or woo-woo claims this is about using the latest research and science, as well as food and herbs to equip yourself to live out your dreams. 




So if you want to know the secrets I used even just last week to heal my body, but also the strategies I use with my one2one clients then I would love to invite you to a FREE workshop I am running this Sunday at 4pm. This interactive workshop is going to be very practical and  I will share with you some of KEY things you can implement so that you can eat & heal!


Click here to join me for this free workshop.


But tell me what are your top tips for helping your body heal?


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