28 Lessons in Creating a Super Naturally Healthy LIFE! (Plus BIGGEST Sale of the Year!!)

Dec 27, 2015 | Life

Today is my 28th Birthday ( and yes that means I have grown up with an abundance of ‘christmas/birthday presents.’) 

So I thought I would share with you 28 essential lessons I have learnt over the years about how to begin to create a super naturally healthy life . 

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But back to the lessons. These are things I have learnt and am still learning, things I am super grateful for and powerful snippets that have helped me transform my health, body, mind and ultimately life, and the things that help me keep transforming it.

  1. eat natural, whole food.
  2. never diet.
  3. exercise often, not too hard and only when it makes you smile.
  4. show you husband/partner how and why separating laundry is important.
  5. ask for help.
  6. stop being overly bothered about what people think of your food choices and stop giving a sh*t about whether your food choices offend other people (seriously this is a hard done but so helpful)
  7. the above must always be down with the following – always communicate love, respect and freedom when making your own food choices.
  8. don’t tell people the chemicals, toxins and crap thats in their food unless they directly ask.
  9. don’t waste energy helping others heal their body with nutrition unless they want it.
  10. cut out refined sugar.
  11. have courage, be bold and go against the grain (literally in my case)
  12. GO FOR IT. 
  13. speak, pray, sing or shout to god. He cares, he listens and he is powerful.
  14. find out where you food really comes from and take responsibly for it.
  15. drink really good organic coffee made with un homogenised organic milk….so good!
  16. be your own expert, researcher and advocate for your body and well being.
  17. rub oregano oil on your feet when you start to get a cold.
  18. shut cupboard doors.
  19. bath often with lots of magnesium flakes.
  20. drink 2 litres of water before noon.
  21. chat to people who are begging on the street they will always do you so much good and often give great hugs.
  22. get really good at managing your money.
  23. get really good at giving it away.
  24. work on key relationships in your life – love happens every day when your intentional and brave enough to pursue it.
  25. buy yourself a trampoline and bounce daily.
  26. get rid of things that make you grumpy, depressed, sad, hopeless or that make you feel like crap (tv, magazines, relationships, foods etc)
  27. know that food will never fill an empty, heart broken soul, thats what god is for.
  28. don’t complain – it drains you of life and health – we have SO much to be grateful for. (fave quote of the year = “Mother Teresa didn’t walk around complaining about her thighs—she had shit to do)


So beauties there you go – 28 lessons learned in creating one Super Naturally Healthy life.

And if you want create your own thriving healthy life then join my tribe below.



But tell me what lesson would you add to the list?

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