Do you need to do a detox???

Jan 11, 2016 | Nutrition

Its a love hate thing really isn’t it. You may spit, tut and sigh at the very word or you may be on one right now.
I get it. I use the word detox but I don’t really love it to be honest but it is the best description for a period of time where you loving and determinedly eat clean, ditch food addictions (mainly sugar or gluten or alcohol) and aim to heal your body. And I am a big of that kind of detox.
I am such a fan in fact that the first two week of my Flourish eCourse & Community are  devoted to detoxification, but I start it a little differently. Week one is first about detoxify your MINDSET .

Detoxing the Mind !!?!

You what – a mindset detox???
Yes indeed I honestly believe that if you get your mindset sorted then any dietary changes are much easier and actually effective. Heres why…
Your beliefs and values drive your behaviour, meaning your beliefs and values for other people and your own safety means you don’t drive at 100mph in residential areas or outside of schools. Am I right? (Sure hope so!!)
So if you believe that your are really a bit worthless, hopeless at getting healthy and are just a fat idiot then can you guess how you will behave? You will treat your body like the above is true.
Now this I go into this in much more depth in my Flourish course and have coaching videos and other goodies to really help you bring about a shift in your mindset as there is NO POINT in doing a detox is your mindset is utterly toxic.
This is the foundation for all things Super Naturally Healthy but lets build on that.

Detoxing the body

Week two of my Flourish eCourse is all about detoxing the body but that is important to do too.
Food based detoxes are done for various reasons. To help you get results quickly,  set a new base line for your body, remove and cut off any toxic food addiction to things like caffeine, sugar or gluten. But the thing I love most about food detoxes is that it helps you to engage and listen to what is really going on in your unique body.
So for example Sam* and Jess, two fabulous Flourishees who are actually friend in real life (I highly recommend doing Flourish with existing friends although you make new ones along the way!) and fellow gorgeous mum both set off on the outline Flourish detox which focuses on protein, carbs , veggies and limited grain, dairy, caffeine and sugar. This is only a 5 day detox so it is not long but enough to see what happening in your body.
*name changed
So what happened when both women same age, same stage eating similar things did a detox??
Well Sam found out that caffeine what problematic for her as she had a big headache for a 2 days straight, that dairy blocked her sinuses, struggled not having sweet things and that dairy made her all snotty and that she felt WAY more energised for getting rid of problematic but didn’t notice that removing gluten made any difference.
While Jess did not notice coming off of caffeine at all and did not feel any different when she started drinking some again and also felt that no dairy impacted her – it was mainly just sugar that was causing problems! In fact she say for herself about the detox:
“I was really dreading it. Thinking it was going to be cucumber and water all week. But I took the plunge and saw it as a way to regain some discipline in my eating after 9 months of eating whatever I wanted without thinking.
The reality was very different to what I expected. I found it empowering and easy. I followed kezia’s advice and planned my eating out including snacks and treats. I made my smoothies the night before so I could get a quick breakfast before the school run. There was always something to eat and I was amazed by how good I felt and pleased I proved not to be the total caffeine addict I thought I was!
Berry smoothies happen a lot when I detox!

So do you need a detox?

Here is my check list and if you tick more that 3-4 then you probably do BUT remember you need to lovingly sort out your mindset first.  Toxic mindset and beliefs = toxic body.
  • You need to eat sweet things with every meal.
  • You struggle with regular thrush or atheltes foot.
  • Your skin is very dry.
  • Your bloated and pregnant looking by the end of the day.
  • You feel addicted to certain food like coffee, chocolate or bread.
  • You have zero energy despite sleeping lots.
  • You can’t fit into your clothes any more!
  • You just don’t feel well and not sure why.
  • You want to lose weight.
  • Your skin is problematic.
  • You know something is irritating your body but have no idea what!

In our modern life we are subject to so many toxins. There are artificial chemicals in our food which we have not had around long enough to know the impact they have properly on our bodies. We use toxic cleaning products that get on our bodies and food. The air we breath is full of fumes and other junk (side note did you know due to household cleaning products and furnishing your home air is more toxic that outside air!!??). We are way more stressed, in fact often constantly stressed which means we have more things like caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar and other junk which burdens our bodies. We end of up chronic thrush, reflux, insomnia, depression, eczema or worse, take pills to ‘help’ and more pills to cover the side effects of the first set… I could go on. I think at some point in some way we are all in need of a detox!

For me I started a bit of a loving detox last week as to be honest my body just really wanted to and I was actually really excited too. Now detoxing is not always easy, sugar, cake and chocolate cravings arise ( this weekend I mainly wanted to drink whiskey and eat cake!) but often after a few day you master then and start to feel the benefits. But its so important to go slow. Please don’t do what my dad did and go from a standard diet to removing everything – find something that suits you and feel right for where your at right now.

I am also not a fan of long juice fasts either unless under some guidance it doesnt always help certain heath condition, I tend to recommend a 1 day juice fast if people fancy it along with some homemade soup if its winter.

So how to start?

Well here are 3 options you could do?

  1. Just quit caffeine and see how you feel? Are you addicted or not, you will know how strongly it impacts you by how groggy and grim you feel. I recommend people tackle this before they do any other sort of detox.
  2. All sweet tasting food. I recommend this for about a 1 week and you change nothing else other than cutting out ALL sweet, cakes, biscuits, natural sweeteners and even fruit apart from the odd cup of berries.
  3. Remove gluten, sugar, dairy and caffeine for 1-7 days. This is what I do on Flourish BUT people can tailor it to what is realistic for them. If that sounds  too much then go one step at a time and one day at time. This is more for folk who already eat pretty healthy and don’t eat tons of junk or crap and know what kombocha is 😉

And if you want a helping hand I have made a fabulous beginners-intermediate, loving and balancing, detox 5 day meal plan that still involves cakes and treats and other goodies which you can get  my free Detox and Eat Cake Detox plan for free which will guide you through everything and make detoxing super tasty and simple then just click below to get yours. 



Recipes great for detoxing


So do you need to detox??

Well it depends, if you are a serial detoxer, dieter come self loather and sabotage when it all goes to pot then the last thing you need is another detox or diet. You need to sort out your mindset first, be surround by a community of encouraging people (*cough* Flourish eCourse& Community) and learn how to make effortlessly healthy choices every day.

Then once you have gotten of the dieting train and are in a place where you powerfully want to nourish, heal and cleanse your body from any junk its carrying then a detox could be just the thing you need 😉

So if you want to detox then grab your free LOVING detox meal plan or join me for my next Flourish eCourse  which is opening this THURSDAY and there will be some exciting launch offers so make sure you keep an eye on your inbox.

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