8 Nutrition Myths You Might Be Believing….

Feb 17, 2016 | Healing & Herbs, Nutrition



It is time for some debunking.

Mmm that sounds a tad rude …

But heyho let’s get to it and discover 8 nutritional myths you have been sold and might even still believe.


8 Nutrition Myths You Might Be Believing….


1. Eating Fat makes you Fat and Give you Heart Disease

In one short answer – no it doesn’t and that is based on a badly done, poor quality study done in the 1950’s that have since been discredited time and time again.

You can read more about it in this post in greater depth but basically natural saturated fats are not the problem. They actually help your body to thrive and beat things like Alzheimers and other diseases.

The ONLY fats that are horrendous for you are the processed, hydrogenated fats come out of the food industry that are good for business but bad for our bodies. You want to avoid things  like soy oil, vegetable oil, rapeseed oil and all the other cheap oils they use in packaged food and lots of restaurants.

Instead cook with coconut oil, butter, ghee or things like goose or duck fat.



2. Eating meat is destroying the environment and is bad for my body.

Again in short no. This is not what research is telling us but with the BIG condition of said meat being raised in an organic, ethical, human and environmentally friendly way. The current meat industry is cruel and flawed both for our health and the environment but raising and eating cattle in a traditional and ethical way is good for both our bodies and for the planet.

Whilst the idea of killing and eating animals is not a pleasant thought, human kind depends on this life/death cycle and it is how we have lived and survived for thousands of years. Veganism is a relatively new dietary trend that has only really emerged in the last 100 years, before then it was impossible for people groups to only ever survive just off of plants (as far as I am aware – feel free to send me evidence showing otherwise.) This is a great book that goes into it all in more depth.

Find out more about why I eat meat here and why it is good for the environment here.


3. Granola and fruit yogurt is a healthy way to start the day

Granola is one of those ‘health’ foods that often is not very healthy at ALL. Same goes for that blueberry organic yogurt you pour over your granola. Why?


These two foods are often very sugar laden but have the lovely organic healthy label which fools us. If you have these in the morning you’re mainly asking for a sugar hit and to be hungry by 10am (unless you specifically find or make a natural low sugar granola and cover it natural unflavoured yogurt.)

Instead things like eggs, homemade granola (because granola is super delicious) or green smoothies are a great breakfast bet.


4. Margarine is better for my cholesterol and weight.

OMG no!! If you take one message from me and my work here at Super Naturally Healthy it is this. 

Eat butter.

Ideally raw and organic but just eat butter and say no to margarine.

Click here to find out why I eat tons of butter every day.


Just getting my chocolate fix…


5. A diet high in whole grains is best for me

Whole grains can be a super nourishing part of a healthy diet but  due to the food industry (i.e the business of making loads of money from the food we buy which leads to the bias of money over health)  we have been told that a healthy diet is based on whole grains alone.

This, again in my and other doctors and researcher opinion, is not ideal.

Grains are full of vitamin yes but also full of phytates which inhibit us from digesting the goodness within them. They are also carbohydrates which means we are getting way too much sugar into our bodies every day and not enough fats and proteins or vegetables. 

Click here to find out more about why I avoided grain to heal my body and nowadays I keep grains to a maximum of one portion a day.



6. Diet drinks are healthier that full sugar versions

Fizzy drinks whether diet or full fat/sugar are all terrible for your body. Sorry. 

Whether it’s the refined sugar hit, the artificial sweetener hit or the other chemical ingredient cocktail all fizzy drinks are a disaster for you body if drank daily.

I slurp on fizzy water or things like kombocha instead for a natural energy boost 😉


7. Supplements are dangerous and useless 

I come across regularly in people a general distrust of supplements and herbs and am mystified at why.

For example:

In 2010, there were 38,329 deaths from drug overdose (an injury death). However, 78% of all individuals (30,006) did not intentionally overdose, and 60 % (22,134) of these cases were related to pharmaceutical drugs. Included in the 60% are people who took their medication as directed by their doctor.

In absolute stark contrast, there were no deaths from vitamin, mineral, or other herbal or nutritional supplements in 2010.  Not even one! We know this from the U.S. National Poison Data Systems’ report. source – USA data

As with all things we need to use common sense and get guidance and expertise as supplements are not sweeties and they need to be used with wisdom but I have yet to meet someone who  has been made sicker by taking supplements unless they abused them and to be honest even then it is really hard to do.

So click here to find out the supplement I recommend, in general people take otherwise why not sign up to a one2one consultation with me to find out how we can get you in tip top shape! 


8. Chocolate is really bad for you.

This, like meat, all comes down to QUALITY.

The average 10p chocolate bar is mainly full of sugar, soya lecthin and processed milk powder but real quality organic chocolate can be fabulous for you. There is even some good quality organic and raw milk version emerging too so even if you don’t like dark chocolate you can join in the healthy chocolate party

I have some sort of chocolate most days mainly for the magnesium and gentle energy boost I get from it. Just aim for organic, dark forms and go for the best quality you can afford right now and enjoy knowing it is doing your body GOOD.

Click here to read about why magnesium is the BOMB 


So there you are!! I know some of these may come as a surprise and I don’t share them with your to cause an argument or create fear but to empower and equip you to live one healed and healthy life.


And if you are a bit like ‘WHHHHAAATTTTT is she on about‘ and want more information on how to build one healthy and healed life then check out my Flourish ecourse


Book in your free one2one consultation with me here for some bespoke support.


Are you believing any of these myths??

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