My Top 5 Healing Foods

Mar 3, 2016 | Healing & Herbs, Nutrition


I love food. 


Like, love it so flipping much. It is one of the small things that adds much joy to my day. Whether it’s slurping on my daily super power hot cocoa (coffee does not like me that much), munching marshmallows or making a thai curry for dinner….

food = fun.


And to make it even better over the last ten years I have learnt that food can also be your medicine. How freaking awesome is that? I have experienced, and now my clients experience, the amazing impact that certain foods can have on the body.


Even this week a client was telling me that by introducing just one of the foods below they have felt so much better or another client who started running after years and years of being unable to after introducing some of these awesome foods. The right nutritional plan, AKA eating naturally healing foods, will do wonders for your body. 

Plus the JOY about this is that is as ALL about adding in. Not about what to get rid of or restrict but about what you can add to your diet to make your body and ultimately life a whole lot more awesome. (Apologies  total over use of the word awesome…but you get the idea.)


My Top 5 Healing Foods

(that are better than any supplement!!!)


1. Protein – meat, fish, eggs

When we eat protein it gets broken down into amino acids and can you guess what one of the main roles of amino acids is? To heal, repair and rebuild so in general if you body needs healing then you need more protein than normal.

And I have to say plant-based protein doesn’t cut it you really need things like unprocessed organic meat, fish or eggs as plant-based protein can further exacerbate digestive issues due to enzyme inhibitor present in the food.

ACTION >> Start adding quality organic protein to every meal.


2. Green Smoothies

Green smoothie are a fabulous way to pack in loads of nutrients into your day. They harness the power of nutritional synergy as you get a blend of things like iron and calcium from the green, carbs and more fibre from the fruits along with sustained energy and blood sugar stabilising goodness from the fats and energy. Winner

Plus it takes less that 2 MINUTES  a day and if you can’t find 2 minutes a day to invest in your health then my friend  you need to have a good sit down with yourself and get to the root of why.

And when it comes to going green I can help you the whole way – just join my Green Smoothie Challenge today!

ACTION >>Join my Green Smoothie Challenge!


3. Gelatin/Collagen

Again I had another client who recently emailed me to say that they were feeling so much better after adding in 1-2 tbsp of gelatin to their day.

It is basically just another way of getting some super healing protein into your day which is essential for healing and I often call it ‘powdered bone broth’ as it has similar properties but without having to touch any bones (see below). 

I use it to make marshmallows, add it to my hot drinks or put it in my smoothies and you can also get this in capsule form too if easier.

ACTION>> Buy it here 



4.Bone broth

I love this stuff because it is cheap to make and super nourishing. Think of it as a fire extinguisher to all the inflammation in your body. Full of glucosamine and other healing amino acids, fats and other vitamins and minerals this is a fabulous and easy (and cheap) addition to make to your diet.

How? Before the ages of stock cubes we ALL used to use bone broth so I use it in soups, curries, risotto or just drink it straight too – I know crazy right? But also kinda tasty too…

ACTION >>Click here to find out more info about why bone broth is just oh so good!


5. Fermented foods

This stuff can perform miracles. Honestly it can!

I know the name ‘fermented food’ does not sounds appealing as it is basically controlled mould but trust me and my clients experience when I say that these foods can do wonders for your body.

They are natural source of probiotics, often full of b-vitamins and living enzymes that help soothe the digestive system and help strengthen the gut microbiombe.

I tend to switch between kombocha, sauerkraut and kefir and always try to have 2-3 tbsp serving a day and find it incredibly helpful.

ACTION >> Make kombocha  or sauerkraut this week


So there you are. Honestly if you add just one of these healing super foods to your diet then your body will thank you so much. Healing your body, meaning waving goodbye to IBS, hormones issues  or adrenal fatigue is possible and is available for you.  So sign up to the green smoothie challenge and lets get this healing party started or book your one2one consultation if you want to go deep and get a bespoke nutritional plan!!!





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