10 Reasons to Eat Gelatin Everyday!

Apr 17, 2016 | Healing & Herbs, Nutrition



Want to add one food to your day to help heal your gut, aid digestion, sleep and help you have glowing skin? Well, it time to get on the gelatin train.
(Note there no train made out of gelatin…that I know of!)


I am a recent convert to gelatin. I started using it about 6 months ago regularly and now always recommend it to clients. I call it an ‘easy win’ food/supplement as it literally the easiest thing to add to you day but give fabulous results. It comes in powder form, tastes of nothing and you can just add it to your green smoothies, cups of tea or even evening meals.


I ONLY just and buy this type though, the stuff you get in the supermarket doesn’t cut it for nutritional benefits. And I love this stuff so much I am even taking it with me when I go travelling – it has become one of my daily essentials!


So let’s look at the 10 Reasons to Eat Gelatin Everyday!


  1. Good source of protein. It has a wide array of protein, meaning it is a great source of amino acids, making it fabulous for gut healing and repair.
  2. * Histidine
    * Isoleucine
    * Leucine
    Aspartic Acid
    * Lysine
    * Methionine
    Glutamic  Acid
    * Phenylanlanine
    * Threonine

    Amino Acid profile . * = esssential amino acids.

    Aids digestion. Gelatin binds to water very easily making bowels smoother and happier. Yay for easy poo’s.

  3. Healing agent. It is a great healing food for those with any digestive or auto-immune issues going on. Clients often rave about the difference they feel after introducing it.
  4. Sources of collagen. So it is great for tightening skin, help reduce cellulite and also for hair and nails too.
  5. Aids sleep. Gelatine contains amino acid glycine which is “an inhibitory neurotransmitter, which can decrease anxiety and promote mental calmness” (source)  and this study shows some measurable improvement of sleep when gelatine is consumed.
  6. Great for your joints. I have been having some issues with my joints recently which is why I am upping my gelatine game. It is anti-inflammatory and help protect and strengthen the bones as this study shows when used with athletes  it improved joint pain.
  7. It makes for kick ass hair and skin. I am going to toot my own horn here but I often get compliments about my shiny hair and skin and to be honest I put it down to a healed gut (well more than it used to be!) and my daily dose of gelatin!
  8. It makes gummies, marshmallows and jelly. Hello, whats not to love? Grab some great recipes here.

  9. Easy peasy. It is pretty much instant – pour into smoothies, cocoa’s, or cups of tea or even sneak into curries or bolognese – it is so easy to fit into your diet and tastes of nothing.
  10. Natural protein powder. With 6g of NATURALLY occurring protein (none of this maltodextrin and glucose syrup filled protein powders) its  great way to add quality protein to your day. I aim to 2 tbsp after any strength workouts I do at the gym and I look pretty similar to Arnold Swaquatzinger ….joke.


And if you are looking for some tasty recipe in which to use gelatin then why not join the Green Smoothie Challenge or learn how to make gummy sweet with my Sweet Treat Collection ebook .Sweet Treat Collection ebook .


Tell me, have you tried gelatin and has it made a difference to your health?

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