Why You’re Bloated ALL the Time…

Jun 7, 2016 | Healing & Herbs, Nutrition



Sick of being bloated all the flipping time? Not sure why  or even what causes it?


I used to be the queen of the bloat. I would go from having a flattish tummy to looking six months pregnant over a single meal time. How attractive.


And it not only unsightly it is also often very painful too! It would be so uncomfortable – like I had some sort of alien messing around with my stomach.


So what the heck causes it? Is it just food intolerances, or stress or what? Well, that what I am addressing I today’s video so click below to find out more!



And if you really want to optimize your digestion* and HEAL you body  without making tons of crazy changes or getting super restricted then first focus on what to ADD. And my Green Smoothie Challenge is the PERFECT place to starts >>> click here to find out more.

 * for SEVERE digestive issues like ulcerative colitis, chron’s, or debilitating IBS green smoothie may not help


What to do about ?

  • Fermented foods
  • Raw apple cider vinegar – aim for 1-2 tbsp in a glass of water before your meals
  • Add in! Focus on what to add I recommend, one green smoothie, some bone broth and fermented food every single day.
  • Go gluten free (my Flourish eCourse is the perfect place for this as I coach you through living on sugar and gluten free life)


Do you get bloated? What sets you off when it comes to the bloat?


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