6 Reasons I Eat (Lots) of Fat Everyday

Aug 2, 2016 | Healing & Herbs, Nutrition, Weight Loss



You know I am about the FAT by now don’t you?

As in I am ALL about bringing full-fat back.

 I am not talking body size here but our FOOD choices of course. No skimmed milk, no ‘cholesterol lowering margarine‘, no low-fat yogurt or cutting off fat from my organic bacon. No no no!

So let’s dive in and look at why the heck I go against everything we have been told by eating fat every day  – am I just asking for a heart attack in my 40’s?



Prefer to read? Here you go….

On today’s topic, I am going to share with you why I eat lots of fat and why I think you should too.


1. The first reason I eat fat every day is it doesn’t give you heart disease.


There was a meta-analysis published in January 2015 (see here), which pulled together 21 unique studies that included almost 350,000 people, 11,000 of whom developed cardiovascular disease, tracked over the average of 14 years and this study concluded that there is no relationship between intake of saturated fat and incidents of heart disease or stroke. Boom.


Basically, we got it wrong back in 1957 when the first poorly done research came out suggesting that fats are harmful. Fat doesn’t clog up your arteries. Eating cholesterol does not automatically mean it goes into your blood and clogs up your heart. That is not what the research is telling us. Click here to read more.



2. It’s filling


I used to start my day with bowls of porridge, cereal and granola and would be hungry about 45 minutes later. When I eat fats though like coconut oil, mackerel, avocado, coconut cream, or butter, I am full for ages. I don’t snack. My blood sugar is stable. I’m not getting hungry or moody. That is why I created The Sweet Treat Collection Recipe eBook – delicious snacks that are actually filling and will do your body good!! (I know I am blowing ALL your boxes – cake that is GOOD for you. You butter believe it 😉




3. Fats do not make me fat.


This is not what I always thought though.


A great example for this is I used to live in Florence in Italy, the land of ice cream, cappuccino, olive oil, olives and cheeses. While I was there, I ate so much fat, with daily gelato, cheese and cappuccino’s. And I thought that I was going to put on so much weight.


But I came home after three months and realised I actually lost weight!! From that point on I have slowly experimented with adding more and more fat to my diet and my body loves it. If you want to read more about that there’s a great book by Dr. Mark Hyman “Eat Fat, Get Thin” that will explain it more.


But basically eating fat does not make you fat, too much sugar does! 



4. Lots of yummy fat-soluble vitamins.


If you got pimply chicken skin at the back of your arms or poor thyroid, you could be vitamin A deficient. Really low immunity, maybe you are vitamin D deficient. Super low in energy then it could be due to vitamin K.


Guess what all these vitamins have in common? They are fat soluble vitamins meaning we find them in the fats we eat.



5. Boost metabolism.


Studies show that specific fats called MCT (medium chain triglycerides) rev up your metabolism. They set fire to your belly meaning you use up more energy, burn more calories and store less energy/fat.


These fats are utilized quickly because they are utilized by your liver quickly. That is the reason why people have gone CRAZY over coconut oil as it is high in MCT fats, which in turn help nourish your metabolism (not because it is some ‘cure-all’ fat!) 



6. It tastes good.


If you have to compare a glass of raw organic whole milk to bog standard skimmed milk, it’s easier to say which one is tastier (if you like milk of course!).


If you have to have butter on your gluten-free bread or margarine, it’s easy to say which one is better. Olive oil or refined vegetable oil? Olive oil is a clear winner.


Who wants to eat dull tasting food? Errrrr not me. Simple.



Those are my six reasons why I eat fat every day and why I would encourage you to start introducing more natural whole fat like organic whole butter, olive oil,  sardines or mackerel, avocado, coconut oil, avocado oil and organic animal fats.




I teach about this a lot in my Flourish Community, where I help people heal not only their bodies and help them find their ideal weight but HEAL their relationship with food and with their bodies as well.


If you want to know and be part of this amazing community that’s going to transform your health, your life and your community as well, then make sure you check out the Flourish page.


But just start now & add a little bit of fat to your day. 






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