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Calling all cake eating rebels…want to be in my clubhouse?

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I have a feeling that, like me you have this real and true desire to feel healthier, ditch that bloated belly, figure out a way to end those embarrassing (and foul smelling) bodily habits and let’s not even talk about your time on the toilet…


But you also like/love eating cake, treats, chocolate and think that in order to get a happier (and flatter!) tummy that somehow needs to change.


Yet you don’t always want to be that person saying no and have a track record of ‘being good‘ then blowing it up with a bottle of wine and huge slab of carrot cake that spirals into a fry up, and several bars of chocolate….


Maybe you feel like in order to be healthy you need to eat ‘clean‘, get a pert butt or six pack,  become a skinny yogi or suddenly lose your appetite and just ‘feel awesome‘ eating only plants….
(I wish cheese was a plant…)


But what you really want is to get to the end of the week and have a fat slab of something awesome – carrot cake or lemon drizzle or maybe some wine or a chocolate bar instead.


But you *think* that if you really want to ditch those pesky pounds and feel even a tiny bit awesome then you need to ditch your true love – cake, as well as other treats. 


I feel you. I feel like I started this business to figure out how I could get and stay healthy and still eating chocolate and cake on regular/daily occasions.




Traditional healthy eating advice would tell me something like…


 ‘right Kezia you can sort out all your bloating, the fact your are overweight, have embarrassing wind issues, chronic diahorria, hormones and grey skin but you need to eat like a rabbit for the rest of you life and never enjoy a slab of the good stuff again’


Can you guess how much action that inspires in me?


NONE. Ziltch. Zero.


And I am guessing you’re the same?


Plus who the heck has the right to tell me when I should or should eat cake. Or that some food is BAD?  Or that I should count it, monitor it and save up some imaginary metric in order to ‘earn’ myself a slice or whatever.  For goodness sake food is just food and in this world there are bigger fish to fry!!!


Which is why I am starting a cake eating revolution where you learn how to look after your body, eat delicious simple meals, get our poops back on track but still – the goodness sake – EAT SOME FREAKIN CAKE!


Ahem. Sorry for shouting but to be honest I am sick of all this ‘healthy living’ stuff out there focused getting a better booty, going to the gym for 7 hours week, foul proteins shakes and that being ‘healthy’ is about being a size 8 yogi who can stand on her head whilst drinking a green juice. 


>>> Health is about you eating normally, without the noise, the guilt or body shame.

>>> It’s about eating cake enjoying it and moving the heck on.

>>> It’s about ditching our huge bloated belly and the foul smelling farts coming from our behinds and feeling sexy again in our skin – not uncomfortable and icky 


So I want to invite you to something new and exciting I am starting. It’s a quiet (and delicious) revolution of fellow cake eaters who want to look and feel awesome for the rest of their days.




No more excuses. No more guilt.

No more bloating. No more clothes that no longer fit.

No more ‘shakes’ or crazy ass bars.

Cake loving rebels unite!!



On Monday 26th SEPTEMBER I am launching my clubhouse – a community of fellow rebels who want to eat cake (or chocolate!) and still get a happier flatter tummy. 


This is going to be a beautiful and loving revolution. No preaching, no judging – just you in a supportive community learning what your healthy looks like and getting the secret strategiess to get you to where you want to be quicker and easier.


Think monthly recipe ebooks delivered to your inbox, coaching workshops with zero B*S, more meal plans you can shake a stick at and that expertise and community you’re crave and need to succeed.


Think no more belly overhang or muffin top. No more being asked if you pregnant…when you’re not. No more painful bloating, embarrassing farting and other horrid digestive ickiness.


If this sounds like your cup of tea then I would LOVE you to join me for a FREE workshop/luanch party happening this Monday. Whether you join the clubhouse or not I am goin to share with you 3 secrets to a happier flatter belly that will give you results  fo shizzle – if you implement them of course.





Cant wait to see you at the ppppaaaarrttttttyyyyy on Monday!

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