My 5 ‘rules’ for eating cake whilst creating a happier flatter belly

Sep 27, 2016 | Healing & Herbs, Nutrition, Weight Loss



So this is a juicy topic isn’t it?


Often eating cake and getting healthy don’t often go hand in hand but I don’t often stick to convention, do I? I mean just at the weekend I was discussing my delight in placenta encapsulation (no Mum I am not pregnant) and the wonders of faecal transplants, so sure convention is not my middle name.


But I do wholeheartedly believe that you CAN be healthy, heal your body, feel awesome and still enjoy cake/life/your body.


Which is why I am super excited to say that my Clubhouse is OPEN! This is a monthly community & eCourse for all cake eating rebels who want to create on happier, and dare I say it, flatter belly whilst still eating cake/whatever it is that they love. Click here to find out more.

(I evidently love cake – cake you tell? The word has already appears 6 times in this post ….cake,cake cake,cake!!)


But am I saying that:

a. you can eat cake every day for all your meals and be healthy?
b. that you need a washboard tummy and six pack and to look like some supermodel goddess


Errrrr NO.


Creating a happier and flatter tummy has actually nothing to do with sit ups or starvation, it has to do with your digestion and your mindset and finding your balance, that is what my Clubhouse is all about šŸ˜‰


So back on topic Kezia….. how the heck do you eat cake and still feel awesome ??




 5 ‘rules’ for eating cake whilst creating a happier flatter tummy 


*Note: I use the word rules lightly – these are more boundaries, guidelines and loose structure by which I find freedom šŸ˜‰


1.Ditch the ‘S’ word

I hate the ‘S’ word it is so toxic to women and our bodies and health. And the word is ….


I ‘should‘ eat less, work-out more, be better, weigh less….blah blah blah BLAH.

I have decided that SHOULD is a swear word my life and I removing it from my vocabulary, and I will be doing the same in the Clubhouse too.

The only thing it results in is guilt and the feeling that you’re not enough, so I say balls to that.

You are enough right here right now, and you don’t need no green smoothie or happy tummy to tell you that.


>>>Rule 1: never use the word should – dig deep and find out what you REALLY want.


2.Figure out your food intolerances.

If you’re eating food every day that your immune system is responding to in some small way or that is irritating the lining of your gut then chances are going to feel shitty, be bloated, have zero energy and not feel particularly sexy.

I tend to lead people through a simple food detox to help them connect with anything that might be doing them a disservice. And often when you remove those problematic foods you ‘lose’ about half a stone just from the ditching bloating!

That is why in my Clubhouse is 100% gluten, refined sugar and dairy free too as those are the most problematic foods to our bodies (in general – we are all unique of course!)

>>Rule 2: figure out if you have any intolerances and avoid those foods consistently.


3.Get wise not deprived

My guess is that if you’re looking to lose those pesky 10 lbs that have somehow gathered around your thighs and love handles then you start to list out everything to restrict and cut out.

But I, again, say BALLS TO THAT!

Instead, focus on what to ADD to your diet what to increase and eat more of. 

The only foods to restrict are the ones that make you feel like crap ( otherwise it’s just self-punishment every single day which is crazy weird and toxic) and replace them with awesome things. The Sweet Treat Collection Recipe eBook is a grand example of that – super tasty treats and sweet that will do you good.

So don’t eat less, eat more of the stuff that makes you feel kick ass.

>>> Rule 3: eat cake and treats that are healthier alternatives.


4. Feelings over facts

This may be counter-intuitive but go with me.

Say you want to lose 10 lbs. Think about why, why do you want to do that?

Chances are it is because you want to FEEL MORE of something. More confident, more sexy, happier, free-er more energised or vibrant in your body.*

So the key question is  do you need to lose that 10 lbs in order to feel more of those things?

What can you do now to feel more confident and energised? Are you waiting on some fact, like the number on a scale, to change how you feel – because love – chances are it won’t.

I am not saying its bad to want to lose weight or get a flatter tummy -I sure don’t want to have that 1.5 stone extra I used to carry around. But it’s not the whole picture.


>>> Rule 4: What do you want to FEEL more of and how can you start that right now

*this maybe doesn’t apply so much when you need to lose weight for a specific health issue like an operation, for fertility or something very tangible.


5. Happy Digestion

If every time you eat something, your digestion struggles to absorb the minerals, lipids or amino acids that your body so crucially needs every day, then you’re not going to be feeling on top of the world.

If every time you eat digested food gets ‘stuck’ in your body causing constipation, bloating and foul farts then your tummy is going to show it.

The easiest way to get an instantly flatter tummy is simply to heal and nourish your digestion. People often tell me they feel lighter just because they have waved goodbye to bloating and feel so much better.

The secret to a flatter tummy is not about sit up’s (although having good core strength is important for back health and will make you feel like a BOSS) it’s actually about ensuring you have optimal digestion. 

Bet no one’s told you THAT before but honey its the truth. You can’t change where your hormones decide to deposit fat in your beautiful body but you CAN ensure you not excessively bloated or swollen in that area.


>>> Rule 5: Focus on a happy digestion not on the dress size.




And I suppose rule number 6 is to LOVE YOU BODY. Right here right now. So what is you have a post baby belly – hello you created a human life!! Or maybe you just deposit more fat in that area – so what – you are beautiful!!!!!!


And no one has the right to tell you your body is not enough – unless you let them.


So I trust that this will help you shift any stinking thinking you might have around your body and giving yourself permission to enjoy food and life whilst still pursuing greater health.


And if you want to join my clubhouse then DO IT! Access to it is only open for a short period of time as I like to ensure I give the majority of my energy to coaching the community itself, so make sure you click below and join before the 8th October.

>>>> Join the clubhouse here





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