You Are What You… Digest?!

Oct 17, 2016 | Nutrition



Today we are talking about one of my most FAVOURITE topics!




Our digestion is really what will navigate our bodies when it comes to health. The state of our digestion is a beautiful sign post for the state of our hormones, teeth, energy and so much more.


And  I am sure that you have heard the phrase you’re what you eat, well in today’s post, I am talking about why I don’t agree and why you are what you DIGEST.


So click below to watch or scroll down if you prefer to read 😉


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 So let’s get myth busting!


 The phrase  “you are what you eat” is banded around a lot but I have to say I don’t really agree. I don’t agree because it’s inaccurate as you are what you digest.


Let me explain, if your digestion is compromised in any way then all those super healthy foods and smoothies you are eating could still be causing you problems and you might not be absorbing all the nutrients in that food. So it is important that we optimize our digestion and  so we can get in a really healthy and happy place.


 What is digestion to begin with?


Basically, digestion starts in your mouth, or some would say it starts with the smell and sight of food that stirs up the digestive enzymes and amylase and things but mechanically digestion starts in your mouth with chewing. It is here that the amylase that comes in (and other good stuff), then it goes down into your esophagus and stomach where it gets churned up by stomach acid and digestive enzymes. 


After leaving the stomach the food goes into your small intestine. Here lots of nutrients are absorbed into the body as the food travels down into your large intestine and out through your butt as poop alongside other body waste products. NICE.


That is basic digestion and the whole aim of it to extract all the nutrients, minerals, fats, glucose (and other sugars) and amino acids from the food we eat so it can get into our bodies on a cellular level. But there are lots of different things than can impact or impair our digestion.


Stress can massively impact on how well you digest as it reduces how much stomach acid you produce. Having IBS or SIBO will really impact your ability to digest foods, havings an ‘out of whack’ gut flora (that not a medical term FYI) or never winding down at the end of the day are just some fo the things that can impair your digestion.


 Often I find many of my clients (click here to find out about working with me one on one) say things like “I have been eating healthy stuff but I am still finding I have some digestion issues” but this is because the process of digestion isn’t working in an optimal way. But what can help with your digestion? Thankfully there are a lot of things that can help;)




3 things to aid your digestion:


1) Fermented food

Things like sauerkraut, kombucha, kefir and kimchi can really help. But what is fermented food? It is basically naturally probiotic foods that often will do your body SO much good.


2) Chewing

Chewing your food is essential and the start of your mechanical and chemical digestion. Aim for minimum of 10 chews for all solids…its kinda tricky to do it with soup!


3) Drink Apple Cider Vinegar with water…but not with meals!

Things like raw apple cider vinegar is very helpful if you struggle with reflux. Having a tbsp of raw apple cider vinegar with water before your meals can be helpful.

But be warned drinking lots with your meals can hinder digestion, so don’t drink gallons during meal times.



BONUS Tip – ditch the refined sugar. Refined sugar could be feeding any potential pathogenic, which is bad bacteria, that love munching on sugar. Often simple things like reducing or just removing refined sugars can be really helpful for your digestion. And if you really struggle then make sure you grab your free Natural Sweetener eGuide below.



I hope that has been helpful and clarified some of the confusion as to why despite eating really healthy you could still be suffering with digestive issues and other health problems.


So remember that you are what you digest and click here book your free 30 in consultation here to see if working with me is the perfect fit for you 😉

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