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3 questions you NEED to ask in order to sort out your health for good…

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Ok, so I am going to give you a little warning… this may cascade into a bit of a rant. Hopefully, a useful rant that equips you to be your own health advocate and detective, but a rant all the same.
Mainly because when I work with clients on a one2one basis in my health coaching practice we look at these simple questions and often it causes some resistance, surprise, and shock as they have never been asked them before or have no expectation of finding the answers.
We have been trained to expect certain things from our bodies, health services, and outcomes of disease that I don’t always agree with (putting it politely). While I fully recognise that I am not a doctor or medical profession but a complementary practitioner (and function medicine practitioner in the making) I would say these questions come mainly from a place of common sense….and a large dollop of innate nosiness!
So let’s dive in.
Here are 3 questions that we, as powerful people with a vast potential of joy, healing and health, need to retrain ourselves to ask on a regular basis. These are the question I try and help my clients get to the bottom of, through lab work, referring them back to their GP (side note – send some love to your GP next time you see them – they work super hard and aren’t always looked after well!) or seeing other specialists.
  1. WHY do you have IBS/hormones issues/reflux/depression/weight gain/fill in the blank? AKA what is the ROOT CAUSE 

  2. WHERE did it all begin?

  3. HOW can you facilitate the natural healing and detoxification within your body?

  4. BONUS – where is the evidence backing up this drug/complementary therapy/supplement? 


1. Why?

And if you had to focus on just one then it would be question one. I personally believe there is nearly ALWAYS a  why for disease in our body*. There is a reason you have IBS, a reason your can’t get pregnant, a reason why you ‘suddenly’ became intolerant to dairy, a reason you ‘suddenly‘ got ME/CFS. 
Our bodies are beautiful  clever, complex and living. They move, adapt, change, detox, and most of all they HEAL. Our bodies are made to heal and our job is to learn how to allow that to happen.
*there is also scope of the ‘WTF element’ of bad luck, mystery and why the heck! For example one of my siblings got cancer and nearly died age 18, why? Not a clue. Genetics, lifestyle etc may have played a small role but mainly it was a ‘WTF’ disease.
The health detective who eats a lot of chocolate 
So if you feel like you’re hitting your head against a brick wall time and time again with your health. Always trying a new pill or supplement to ‘fix’ your tummy, weird periods or insomnia then maybe try asking the first questions – WHY? What is the root cause? Don’t just treat the symptom, look for WHY and ask anyone you’re working with to do the same too.
For example, I have had a recent client suffering from terrible digestive tummy pain for years, horrid athletes foot in nails, depression, low energy and more. She tried the GAPS diets, tried probiotics and supplements and then eventually we started to work together and we started to look at WHY.
Why, even after eating a healthy, clean organic diet was she still struggling? WHY were ‘healthy foods’ like raw honey causing massive issues? What was her energy in the loo?
Well after much questioning and event some lab testing we are coming o conclusion that there is a few things going on. Fructose malabsorption, small intestinal bacteria overgrowth and a good chance of some adrenal fatigue too.
They aren’t mad. They aren’t making it up – it is real and there is a real reason.
Or take another client who let’s say is called Susan (she isn’t really). She came to me after struggling for over 4 years with constant painful candida. She had done candida cleanses, and taken so many supplements that her body could no longer take any more. There was depression (often the case always with candida or digestive issues) energy issues and a whole caboodle of more. 
But again we asked WHY.
Long story short, with that healing journey is still in process, we figured out that one of the big triggers was parasite she picked up in Africa about 6 years ago that is still causing issues in the body.
I find that asking why is at first overwhelming but then completely freeing as your realise you’re not crazy. I can’t tell you how long I felt and still feel totally crazy when I know something is off.

2. When? 

Then we have the next questions of WHEN did it start. This doesn’t mean when did the specific symptoms start, but when is a foundation of poor health or auto-immunity start. A traumatic event in childhood, a bout of food poisoning as teenager, too much binge drinking at uni, difficult breakup in your twenties or too much stress at work?? I always go way back to childhood with clients – did they get lots of tonsillitis, what age did they get their period, did they take lots of antibiotics as a child?
You are a whole person and your whole history impact your whole present in often beautiful but sometimes destructive ways.

3. How?

Then it is HOW. How can you facilitate the healing and detoxification that naturally goes on in your body all the time? Mainly by making sure you’re getting and absorbing optimal nutrients, which is often harder than it is sounds, and able to get rid of the crap effectively, which can sometimes be harder than it sounds too! You are not ‘trying’ to force your body to heal – most of the time your learning to make space for it to heal.

4. BONUS – Evidence?

Then finally- BONUS round – it is what is the evidence? Whilst I 100% believe in miracles and the God who does them I am also a  fan of good evidence to back up claims. While I don’t depend on science alone, meaning I trust my intuition more, it is plain daft to ignore good science (there is lots of bad science though – be warned….!).
And this goes not just with ‘holistic’ folks like me but also your doctor. Is there quality science to say that your statins you’ve been on for year work? Or that taking antibiotics consistently for 4 years will help your rosacea? Are probiotics actually effective? I am not always going to tell you either way – do your own searching because your body is unique.
And while no drug is ‘passed’ without clinical evidence to support it, you also need to ask if it is treating root cause or just symptoms? What are the side effects and is it the ONLY option as often it is rarely the only option.
(NOTE: I am not anti-drugs! Some diseases require a lifelong use of drugs and this is entirely appropriate and GOOD!!! I am just not a fan of ‘mindless’ pill popping that never address the root cause but again this completely depends on the conditions at hand) 
So folks have hope. Your body is not dumb – it is infinitely clever and wise and if it is playing up on you, most of the time there is a damn good reason and we (me, you, doctors, specialist and other holistic practitioners) get to play detectives on it, we can work together to find out WHY.
I know this blog doesn’t cover everything – each disease is different requires  a tailored approach and a whole bundle of health professionals to help. But let’s stop only treating the symptoms and start to challenge convention and ask WHY.
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