My Favourite Ways to Get Fit – Quickly & Cheaply!

Nov 14, 2016 | Exercise, Life



In an ideal world I would love a personal trainer or private yoga instructor knock on my door at 7am every day to force me to get my butt moving. 


That is the dream.


But right now that is not something I am choosing to invest in.
(SIDE NOTE I did not say ‘I can’t afford it’ as I am trying to get that powerless phrase out of my vocabulary. Technically I could afford it if I say sold my car or made other sacrifices, but I don’t want it enough right now. Remember how you talk about money will impact how wealthy you feel)


So how do I get and stay fit? Well I am going to share with you the FREE resources I use every day to help me get stronger and a little bit more KICK ASS.


My  Approach to Exercise


First lets clarify why we exercise. Sure it is great for  cardiovascular hormonal health, great for bone density and longevity of life, energy and more. It’s basically an awesome way to look after your body BUT the main reason I exercise regularly is this:


  • Exercise reminds me that I am strong.

  • It is the regular prophetic/symbolic action of my inner strength and resilience.

  • It teaches me that nothing is impossible and that my body is not boss.


And if you didn’t know already I pay zero attention to calories so I have zero interest in calories burned.


So for me I try to stay active daily. Right now that means walking for 40min 4-5 times a week in my local park or hills and then about four x30 minute slots of either HIIT workouts, weight training or yoga.


For me 30 minute slots it totally achievable and realistic and what I recommend to folks all the time but always find your own groove.


And to all you fellow type A personalities out there – remember to go easy too. excercise is a form of stress on the body and it is easy to overdo it with over training. Rest is SUCH an important part of an effective exercise routines so make sure you build it in.


My Favourite Free Personal Trainers

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So my not so secret secret is I use online personal trainer to get my butt in shape (Literally. If you ever get the pleasure of seeing my butt than its shapely form is mainly down to squats …and cake.)


1. Fitness Blender

These guys ROCK. They have every kind of free workout available on their site ranging from 10 min workouts to full hour  ones. They are a husband and wife team with no ridiculous-ness or hype – just effective workouts that work.

I have paid for some of their SUPER cheap  8 week programs (cost about £12) and lost an inch off my thighs and butt and improved by 5k running time by about 2 minutes after completing their program. I am a BIG fan.


2. Yoga with Adrienne

I love this lady and she is the beautiful opposite of the above.

Yoga is a beautiful way to connect with your body and breath and tone the body without all the stress that regular exercise brings. 

From beginners to intermediate her you tube channel is the BOMB. Again totally free but she does have paid programs that I have yet to purchase but definitely will in future.





3. Blogilates

Now you will either love or hate Cassey but she is utterly herself in all her bubbly, cheerful girly goodness and her workouts will make you ACHE.

These Pilates based workouts are often under 30 mins and are a great way to tone and shape up – plus she has super cute workout wear and awesome music to boot.


4. Sean Vigue

If you can’t deal with girlness, or it is unhelpful for you to watch other beautiful women in lycra because it make you feel like a whale OR you want some more intense yoga workouts that get you sweating buckets then Sean Vigue is for you.

His workouts are intense, fast flowing and fabulous. There is little room for meditation but your will see real results following his stuff. 


5. Park Run

If you follow me on social media you may have noticed I have finally gotten into the whole park run thang.

As a recovering running addict I have only recently started doing these a few times a month with Joe and some friends and have been LOVING IT.

The idea is, across the UK in various parks, there is a free 5k ‘race’ happening every Saturday morning. Its free and is super fun and here in Glasgow it is full of a wide range of abilities. People in there 70’s (who overtake me!), beginners who walk/run their way round or annoying, I mean, speedy people like my husband who are finished in under 19 mins….


So you have no excuses 😉 Lack of time and money is no longer a reason to stop you nourishing your body with these free and speedy workouts.


And let me know if comments below what is YOUR favourite way to get sweaty.






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