The Super Naturally Healthy Gift Guide – 2017!!

Nov 28, 2016 | Life



I LOVE presents!!!!


I secretly want to be one of those people (like my husband) that are truly not bothered about gifts and material things but I am!! I get such joy from a well thought out gift – whether it is a new sharp knife, pretty tea towel or handmade pot of chutney .


So I thought I would share some of the  gifts that are on my list this Christmas and some items that should be on yours if you don’t have them already 😉


(And if you would rather make homemade gifts then here is my DIY Christmas Gift run ideas)





Under £10

Nut milk bag. Super useful for making, you guessed it, nut milk! I use this all the time and also use it to cover jars when I am fermenting things like kombocha and sauerkraut.


Jars. I am a total sucker for jars of all shapes and sizes. Mainly for aesthetic reasons but also a bit cleaner and less toxic way of storing food (as oppose to plastic). I do own mainly kilner jars  along with some from Ikea  ones i have recycled from coconut oil  jars.

Chalk Labels. These make  great stocking filler for people you like chalk, jars (!!) and labeling things. I LOVE
these even if my husband refuses to let me write on them apparently, I spell things wrong too often so he is in charge of that. (ME a bad speller…never!)



My eBooks. My Eat & Be Merry eBook and The Sweet Treat Collection are on sale now for just £6 and they are in my opinion the fabulous foundations for creating a healthy life. Full of simple recipes that you can make and use every day for speedy and delicious healthy eating 😉


A good travel mug. I mean this isn’t exactly sexy but carrying around yummy hot cocoa is. An essential in my house


Essentialism book – Probably one of the best books I have read all year. A must read for any stressed out overly busy folk




Under £50

A Good Knife. OMG if you haven’t got a decent knife yet then this needs to be on your list. I use Sabitier knives and although pricey they last for ages and will transform your butternut squash chopping life. I started off by investing in one and now I have a whole set. I would recommend getting a large 20cm one or pairing knife to begin with and don’t forget to get a knife sharpener too!


Candles. I love a good beautiful smelling candle but alas so many scented candles are just full of toxic stuff! So I go for soy or beeswax only and am hoping some fo these are in  my stocking this year….


Trampoline! Honestly,  this is the best present I have ever recieved. It brings me so much joy, is a great workout and detoxifier for the body and super fun to do. Shove on some music and bounce away. The first one I had I broke (over use) so this is the one I bought to replace  it with, jury is out on how long this will last. I am hoping it last for ages otherwise, I may need to invest in a pricier one like this which I am happy to do now I know I will use it daily.

Oil Diffuser. I love essential oils and dislike toxic scented candles so this is how I get the house smelling nice plus you get the medicinal benefits too (more of my love of essential oils in the New Year) of having things like lavender or frankincense flowing through your home.


Curling wand. I secretly want curly hair so these are on my list this year!


Nourishing Traditions. I LOVE this book . It’s like a bible of healing, traditional recipes with some good info and explanations of the science behind it all. 


Fitbit . I got one of these last year and it really helped me see how little I was moving in the day – great for helping you stay more active. It helped me create my new daily habit of an afternoon walk and i love it when it buzzes to say Ihavee hit 10k steps – such fun!
(from £49+)



Shining Year Planner. I have to say I have already bought this for myself!!!!

It is basically a creative, beautiful and fun way to plan and strategize for the year ahead whether that be in business, or with other life goals. Honestly, it’s such a beautiful, spiritual and artistic way to clearly define what the heck your dreams are and ultimately what you’re put here on this earth to be and do. Buy it and let’s be shining year buddies!
(Between $10-50)


Raw Honey in Bulk. I personally can’t think of a better present than a years supply of raw honey! It so tasty and again I use it for tons of stuff. Baking, as a face wash, face mask, shampoo/mask, helping fight off infections and more. Click here to find out all 15 raw honey uses.




Pricey but Fun!

Yoga mat. This is on my wish list this year – I have had an ugly blue mat for years and it s getting a tad smelly  after taking it on our around the world trip so I would love to upgrade to this pretty one.


High powered blender. I have a Froothie  (a Vitamix  is a good option too) blender and slow juicer and I choose Froothie as it was more affordable. I use this at least once a day often two – three times so it well worth the investment not just for smoothies for blended coffees, hot chocolate, instant ice cream, nut butter, nut milk and more.

At about £350+ it is pricey but  I use this at least once a day often two – three times so it well worth the investment not just for smoothies for blended coffees, hot chocolate, instant ice cream, nut butters, nut milk and more.

(If you buy a Froothie add the code: 1895 & free ambassador delivery to get free delivery)


Magi Mix. I got this before my blender and potentially you don’t need both but I like having the two. I use the magi mix for baking lots, grating and chopping lots of veg, whipping eggs, making guacamole and other yummy things. Well worth it especially for large families and fellow bakers. (I have the red one!)

Infrared sauna. OMG I really want one of these as it is SUCH good way to help the body detoxify…even though it looks hilarious! If I get one I promise to show you picture of me in it!!!!!


So there you have it lovelies! Some essential items to help make creating a healthy, healed and cake filled life a tad easier and more joyful.



And let me know what is on your gift list this year?



Please note these are affiliate links meaning if you buy stuff anything from Amazon using these links then I get a tiny percentage of it which all going toward the running of this site, my staff and also to helping change the world and supporting my fav charities. 




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