8 {Healthy} Festive Treat Recipes – Gluten, Sugar & Dairy-Free!

Dec 13, 2016 | Nutrition, Recipes, Snacks + Treats



In case you didn’t know already I am ALL about festive feasting.


Worrying about the calories you’re eating, how much weight you might gain or what other people think of your feasting is NOT something you should concern yourself with.


My philosophy over Chrimbo is to ENJOY my food, make healthy substitutions and alternative where I can and just trust that I have created a healthy lifestyle . I am not ‘coming off‘ a diet at Christmas – I am simply having more celebratory meals to enjoy.


So with that in mind here are my top 10 favourite festive feasting recipe – Super Naturally Healthy style of course! All these recipes are gluten, sugar, and dairy-free.


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Coconut and Peppermint Chocolate Treats by Laura @ Wholeheartedly Healthy

A great recipe from my pal Laura – speedy and simple.




Raw Christmas Puddings from Georgie at Greens of Stoneage

Georgie makes AWESOME recipes so definitly check this out…





Christmas Cake by ME!

No need to make in advance – I normally throw this together the week before.




Bailey’s Ice Cream – paleo & vegan by Wallflower Kitchen

Found this on Pinterest and YUM!



peanut butter cups small

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cups by me

I LOVE this so I am def going to be making myself a batch of them to have on hand!




Caramelized Nuts by The Big Mans World

Perfect for afternoon munching me thinks…..



Yule Log

Chocolate Yule Log by me

Because it’s not Christmas without a yule log!




Cashew Coconut Truffles by Laura @ Wholeheartedly Healthy

Total yum…and check out Laura’s nails!!



So there you are – perfect recipes to replace some junk filled classics. 


If you want more recipe then make sure you grab a copy of my Eat & Be Merry eBook now.


Happy feasting!!!!






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Gingerbread Mocha Recipe – Dairy & Sugar-Free

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