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What a Mindset Shift Can Do For Your Health {Real Life Transformations}

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Shifting our mindset can sometimes feel like a huge and dare I say it, pointless, task.


What on earth is thinking differently going to do for my health, my digestion, and belly?
How is changing my mindset going to make ANY different to how fabulous, free and awesome I feel?
How will it help with my energy and belly?


Well, can I tell you that shifting your mindset is essential for transforming your health.


As you know I go on a lot about digestion and gut health here as this really is the foundation for health but if your mindset sucks then no amount of sauerkraut is going to help 😉


So this week instead of sharing insights I have learned I want to share with you 2 real life stories from women who have found the ‘secret formula‘ of success.


They have realised that awesome results on the outside (better energy, digestion, happier belly, feeling brighter and more confident) start on the INSIDE, when you make that BOLD step to shift your mindset AND heal your body.



Meet Laure….

When Laure joined the Clubhouse and worked with me she wasn’t interested in any weird faddy diets, she wasn’t aiming to look like Beyonce or  Kate Middleton so just wanted to find a healthier version of her beautiful self. Here is what she said:

 Reading through the Flourish e-book (included in Clubhouse Bonus Bundle) was really helpful in changing my mindset. It’s not about depriving yourself but about feeding yourself on things that will make you feel great!  

I had no idea that I needed a mindset change but once I got it eating well was easy, tasty, fun and most importantly, sustainable.

I am proud of losing 10KG and having more energy – who would have thought I could do insane bootcamp sessions when eating more veggies and less sugar?!

Having the Clubhouse and seeing how well everyone else is doing keeps me inspired – I love the community spirit


Meet Carlyn….

A teacher based in Scotland this is what happened whens he shifted her mindset instead of just ‘trying to eat right!’. 
This is what she said when I asked about her experience:

I have more permission to make food choices.  I feel more relaxed because I add foods and I choose when to enjoy foods that aren’t so great for my body – love it!

Since I have been part of Clubhouse I have lost weight, skin is brighter, loads of energy, belly bloat is minimal unless I choose to eat something that I know will cause bloating. 

I feel like I am thriving, my mind feels freer, I choose to exercise to remind myself I am strong instead of punishing myself for being the size I am.  I love my body now and have grown to love it on this journey. 

I feel more informed, lost inches on my waist, chest, hips, and take more care of myself. 

I actually feel I can do this and I am worth this! Hurrah!



You will notice that both women have seen physical results which is great. They improved their digestion, energy and more,  BUT right now I want you to focus on how they FEEL. How their THINKING has changed about their bodies and I would suggest to you that is a big reason of why they saw actual results that have lasted.
They didn’t do anything wild or crazy, they shifted their mindsets, sorted out their digestion and implemented some sounds nutritional advice I give in the Clubhouse.  Simple.

So here is my ‘secret‘ formula for seeing a health transformation that actually lasts:

Heal the body X detox your mindset = health transformation!

So lovelies, if you want to see some awesome shifts and changes in your health, body, and life you need to address your nutrition for sure but only alongside sorting out your mindset too! Otherwise, it just becomes another fad, health blip, and short term thing which is no good at all!


And if you want some help with that and get support in both those areas then make sure you check out the Clubhouse which is now open to new members and the perfect place to be to start to see some really results from the inside out!


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