My 3 Favourite Healing Dietary Protocols

Apr 26, 2017 | Healing & Herbs, Nutrition

It’s time to get down to some of the nitty gritty, as my Mum would say.


So say your health is in the toilet (maybe literally!) then what the heck can you do about it? Well, today I am sharing  3 of my favourite dietary healing protocols that I have personally had the most success with in my own health journey. These are also the protocols that I have seen benefit a large proportion of my clients and my community. (Find out how you can work with me here)


To ensure there is no confusion before I start I’m aware that focusing on ‘diets’  can trigger lots of unhelpful thinking. But the diets I am talking about today are healing protocol diets that I have worked with for their therapeutic and healing impact.  This is NOT about losing a stone in a day, or what the ‘best‘ diet is. Instead, I am focusing on those diets with which I have seen accelerate healing and address gut health, hormonal health, immunity and other health issues for myself and my clients.


But it is worth mentioning that a healing dietary protocol is just ONE PART of sorting out your health. This is a mistake I see people make a LOT. They start GAPS, follow it strictly but don’t make complete progress or recovery BECAUSE they haven’t fully addressed the root causes and often if its an infection, parasite or other deep rooted issue. A good diet AND the correct ‘treatment’ protocol are needed for health. This may be an antibiotic or a herbal antibiotic, therapy, environmental changes, you may need to get tested for H-pylori, parasite or more.


Sure, sometimes diets will fix the issue but not for everyone. Just saying. #beenthere


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Again this is NOT about losing a stone in a day, or what the ‘best’ diet is. Instead, I am focusing on those diets with which I have seen help accelerate healing and address gut health, hormonal health, immunity and other health issues myself and my clients.


The Paleo Diet

A grain, dairy, sugar, soy and additive free way of eating. This diet includes lots of vegetables, fruit, good quality organic fish, meats, protein and fats like ghee and coconut oil. This is often a diet I suggest to many (but not all) of my clients as it is great at allowing your body to reset whilst ensuring you are consuming plenty of good fats and protein which many women, in particular, don’t do.


Tonnes of guides and resources are available for transitioning to the Paleo diet. Generally, I would say the paleo diet is a healthy way of eating when done properly because it is focused on whole, real, foods.  


BUT remember all of us are unique and what our bodies need is different, there is no ‘one size fits all’ with this.


ResourcesChris Kresser, Diane Sanfalippo




The Ketogenic Diet

The focus of the Ketogenic diet is on eating very high amounts of fat with very little carbohydrate. This is also known as the high-fat low-carb diet, similar to the infamous Atkins diet but in a much healthier way!! (Sorry no steak and double cream for breakfast here!)


I don’t use it as frequently as the Paleo diet as it is a big shift to make for most people, but with some of my clients, I have taken a whole food approach to this diet.  It involves having 65-75% of your daily intake as fat things like; organic goose fat or lard, coconut oil, nuts, seeds, olive oil, high-fat meats (think organic bacon and pork belly) and fish. Whilst including low carbohydrate vegetables like; courgette, mushrooms, onions, kale, cabbage. Carbohydrate intake is very minimal, but enough to allow for a good consumption of vegetables every day but again everyone has slightly different need with this. (For example, I am currently following this way of eating and I require more carbohydrates than suggested.)


This can be really useful if there is any insulin resistance; if you are pre-diabetic or diabetes runs in your family if you have any metabolic imbalances or don’t handle insulin and glucose very well.  I know it sounds extreme, but in my experience, it has been a very freeing way to eat. Plus there is plenty of great research to support the therapeutic benefits of this diet and often it is easier to implement than you think especially if you’re transitioning from a more Paleo based diet. 


ResourcesHealthful Pursuit, Jimmy Moore



The Gut and Psychology Syndrome/GAPS Diet

Created by Dr Natasha Cambel-Mcbride and based on another diet called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. It was originally created to help children with Autism but it also has great therapeutic benefits for other digestive issues or other mental health issues. For the right person, implemented at the right time GAPS can be so useful. It is very similar to the other diets in that it contains high amounts of protein and fat but it does include fermented dairy.


The idea is that you STRICTLY do not eat anything containing Disaccharides, a multi-chained sugar found in starches and carbohydrates that can irritate your gut lining and intestines.


ResourcesGAPS diet



All these diets depend on you, what you are trying to achieve and your individual biochemistry. I get many emails from people attempting many of these diets and feeling awful because it is not suited to their symptoms or needs if they had worked with a practitioner they could have avoided that entirely. It is essential you do some detective work and create a plan that works for your unique body! (Click here to find out how to do that with me)


I have used all these diets time and time again from myself and others, (but don’t worry not ALL of clients ‘have’ to go on one of these – again it depends on the person!) all of them have strengths and weaknesses which is why you need to consider your unique body and the outcome you are hoping to achieve before you start.


Annnnnnnddddd one thing all of the diets have in common is no refined sugar, so if you want help to ditch your sugar addiction and have one naturally sweet life click on the free resource below, which include free recipes and a comprehensive guide to natural sweetener alternatives.






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